Whatever floor you have, you would need refinishing it, to give the floor a polished look. You know what a hassle some job it can be, even if you hire professional help. The room needs to be completely sealed off from the rest of the property, so that the dusts do not fly off everywhere.

Have you heard about dust free floor sanding? Many reputed companies offer their services for this job and hence, you can think about hiring their services for your own home. They come in, clean up your space and leave the floors looking perfectly polished, without the hassle of dust.


Many companies offer sanding services, but are all of them dust-free? Think about it! Not all companies own the best and latest technology. You will need to be careful and find a company that offers sanding services, which is dust-free.

These companies are always on the lookout! They want to stay at the top of their game and hence, will go to any lengths to get the best and latest technology to provide the best services.


When the company is offering top-notch dust-free sanding services, the homeowner would never have to worry about closing up rooms or worry about other issues. This will help you get a proper idea about what perks lie in store for a homeowner using dust-free sanding services:

  1. Reduced chance of Allergy and Asthma
  2. Eliminates the Need to put your pets in a Kennel
  3. No Airborne Particulates
  4. Eliminates the Need for Sealing Rooms and Air Ducts
  5. Dust-free Environment ensures a Perfect Sanding Job
  6. Eliminates the Need of using Harsh Chemicals for stripping the Finish off the Floor
  7. No need to Remove Sensitive Electronic Equipment from the Room

To understand the benefits of dust-free sanding completely, you need to delve in further. Here are the detailed benefits:

  • Eliminates the Chance of Detrimental Respiratory Effects: When the top layer is being sanded away, the dust fills up your home. Even if, you seal up the room, but forget the air ducts the same thing will happen. This micro-dust is quite detrimental for the respiratory system. Long after the professionals have completed the job, this dust can hang around in the air. With pro-longed exposure, you and your family could develop respiratory problems. Why risk it? Employ the dust-free sanding services and eliminate the risk of respiratory problems.
  • Improves Chances of a Flawless Finish: When using the traditional sanding process, the professional will have to deal with the dust as well. Dealing with the dust, means to ensure that the surface is cleared of all dust particles, so that you get a flawless finish. This is quite a difficult task and usually means more cost, due to the extra work. With the dust-free option, you need not worry about that! Hence, a flawless finish is guaranteed.

Thus, as you can see the usage of dust-free sanding services can prove to be beneficial for you.


Battle of the DIY against professional handiwork! This has been going on for ages. Well, you could take care of the sanding, but will it be dust-free? Thinking about purchasing the dust-free sanding machines? Hope you have money to burn, because that is exactly, what you will be doing.

Professionals buy a machine not for a single job, so the cost is divided up and when you hire them you need not pay the cost of the whole machine. If you buy it for yourself, you have to pay it all and do not forget the hassle of wood floor sanding and all related work.

For that you will need skill, expertise and experience. If you lack any one of those, the sanding job could be a disaster. Try your DIY project for something less complicated and win accolades, but it would be best to leave the dust-free sanding to the professionals. This way you will have a clean house and perfect finish on the floor.