It is actually hard to choose the best bicycle for touring. It varies from one touring area to another and the kind of road you need to travel. Whether you are riding the terrain or going through path or road surfaces, each section has its own sets of bikes available on rent. Even the availability of bicycle parts and their repairs vary in making the right selection for that biking tour. Now each bicycle company might host its own bicycle tours, where you can purchase bikes from those centers on rent and just go for the tour you like.

Most of the time bicycle tours offer bikes or rent those items at quite a moderate rate. Mainly because of the difficulty of providing own bike and the additional costs related to it, bikers always prefer renting bikes as provided by the tour companies. It is most noted for the riders on commercial tour. They might try adding their own seats or pedals in the bicycles to make their journey rather comfortable. So, the next time you are eyeing for a much-awaited bike tour of NYC, you can get the bikes on rent from the sources or the organizers only.

Offers so many varieties:

The tour companies ensure to offer multiple varieties of bike brands, but they are widely known for using the road or hybrid bikes. The items are well-fitted with rear trunk or basket and mostly without any fenders or mudguards. It is mostly preferred in those areas where rain is rather infrequent. It is mainly because the tour company transports baggage by van and also transport riders and bikes in case there is a heavy rain covering a longer duration of time.

Types of bikes rented to cover European tours:

For touring Europe, you have to head for the light in weight road bikes. It is mainly because European roads are smooth and riders will get the opportunity to run through some good quality road options. Furthermore, they won’t get the chance to ride in rain or won’t even mind being sprayed. They are further going to have baggage transported or they are just going to travel wearing bicycle clothes. They might have few simple tools, which can easily fit well in clamp-on rear rack trunk or within quite a small pannier. There will be a smaller handlebar based bag too.

It is mandatory for the road bike owners to change the bike tires to wider ones if their bike permits so. Moreover, the bikes should have many robust rims, especially if you are planning to carry minimal baggage or riding on any of the back roads.

Sometimes city bikes as used as tourist ones:

There are three major reasons to actually consider using City bikes or the Holland type bikes. The products come with a heavy and durable frame and with an upright form of riding position with a bike rack.

  1. Most of the riders have their own city bike and they are not going quite far with it.
  2. If you are visiting any place with often flat roads and a few bumps here and there, the city bikes are preferable choices. It is also a great choice if you are covering short distance as the city bikes have 3 to 7 gears to it.
  3. You can also choose to go for Holland type bikes for covering any short tour as most of the urban areas and larger tourist towns will have their own sets of bicycles for rent.

However, city bikes have their own disadvantages too. It is not doubted to state that using a city bike is like putting a lot of pressure on the pedal. This is because of the inefficient riding positions for applying some power and also for higher wind resistance. In stiff winds or at higher speeds, these bikes are hard to move. So, it is no doubt to state that expects for all the powerful riders out there, renting such city bikes is an absolute no-no.

Touring types and matching bikes:

Before you get down for the bike tour of NYC, it is mandatory to check on the types of touring available and the kind of bicycles that you need to rent for the same service.

  • For covering light cycle based touring, most riders prefer using a road bike. These tours are for roads only and here the bikes come with maybe clam on the rear rack. Others might just prefer using hybrid ones.
  • Some people prefer going for light touring with hybrid bicycles with a rear pannier on the roads and bike paths. This kind of tour is designed for touring in Europe.
  • For the heavy cycling tour, you need a touring bike with front racks to store camping things. These bicycles are rent for bike paths and roads.
  • Again in other forms of heavy cycling touring areas with limited bike shops and repair facilities, you need one vehicle with the heavy steel frame and some reliable components, which can be repaired in any condition or anywhere.

Bicycle geometry for the cycling tour:

Some people might ask you the question of the role of the bicycle geometry for the cycling tours out there. Well, it is hard to find such answers. It is widely noted that wheelbase is rather the same for all the city bicycles, touring ones, and the hybrid options.  On the other hand, you have racing bikes of all types which come with a shorter wheelbase. Among all the bikes mentioned already, even though the wheelbase seems comparable, the front to the rear position of seat and pedals are subject to differ.

The hybrid bikes will have a proper forward placement of seats and the pedals, which in turn will help the rear rack to just move forward to any position over rear wheels. So, the rider’s weight won’t be on the front wheels.

It is important to visit a site offering bikes on rent, check out the options and the features involved, and then book the one you like the most.