Peer pressure it always a hot topic when it comes to children and teens. It is often associated with having a negative effect on youth. Peer pressure is so common people do not realize it happens all the time. If a group of teens are ordering smoothies at a restaurant it is unlikely that one of them will order a hamburger. They are more likely to get a smoothie or a similar drink to fit in. In is natural to conform to the pack.

Positive Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is not always negative. In fact, it may actually have a positive influence on children. A child that hangs out with friends that are active are more likely to exercise. Kids that play basketball or football are going to play ball with other kids.peer-pressure

Interactions of Children

To keep up with social appearances children have to interact with each other. Some kids make friends on the playground, in after-school programs, or in extra-curricular activities. It is easy for children to make friends and relate to each other while playing games and engaging in physical activity.

Active and Sedentary Kids

Studies have found that kids who hang out with sedentary kids are more likely to be less active. These children with sit around, watch movies, or play video games. Children that surround themselves with active kids live a more active lifestyle.

Getting Kids off the Couch

Parents are always trying to find a way to get their kids to get off the couch. Video games are becoming more active. Parents will enroll their children in a sports camp or encourage them to exercise regularly. A simpler approach is to encourage children to hang out with more active children. A few ways to get this accomplished may be to take them to an after-school program or encourage them to take part in a community group. Even children who go to day care at a young age can benefit from associating themselves with active kids. Some scientists will even argue that kids that are active in day care will help prevent childhood obesity.

Social Activities for Children

A social network that a child is a part of has a lot of influence over their likes, dislikes, and daily activities. Social networking tweens may be affected by their group when it comes to happiness, loneliness, weight gain, and life choices. Even though peer pressure may have a negative association, peer pressure can easily have a positive effect on the life of a child.

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