imagesMaking a garden pathway will require that you consider a few things beforehand, and one of those will be the material used as it will play a crucial part. Your paving material should not be only considered because it has strong properties; you should also look into the landscaping options you will have, and the overall design it will provide. However, the biggest impact will of course be how much the material will cost, and how you can make it go together with the rest of your garden design.

Stone for durability

Although many would have believed that stone is a crude material for paving your garden, it is actually one of the most prized and luxurious materials to have. Using stone for creating pathways and for paving your garden is a great way to add a luscious look to it, and to make sure that you used a durable material that will last for even generations to come. Moreover, because stone is versatile and not at all hard to work with, it is possible to obtain it in different sizes, shapes, and even color; but be aware that stone can be expensive to buy.

Sandstone for a good choice

Having natural sandstone used for paving in your garden is a great way to secure that your paving will last and that it will withstand most of what Mother Nature could throw at you. The beauty of sandstone is that it is available in all sorts of colors and shapes, and also sizes, so that you can create truly unique and marvelous designs in your garden. Furthermore, sandstone is less expensive because it is easier to work with it in general.images (1)

An unusual material

Perhaps using gravel for paving is not the first idea to pop into the head of many, but it is a great idea for quickly fixing up your garden; although many gravel designs are meant to be short-termed. However, it is possible to use gravel, but only if you take good care of it; otherwise you can have a lot of problem with weeds and plants growing wildly in the loosened gravel. When choosing the right gravel, make sure that you look for angular gravel as it can settle in better so that there will be less space between the pieces of gravel.

Playing with texture and color

If you really want to spice up your paving in your garden, and to make things more interesting, then try to look into using cobblestone. By installing it correctly, you will be able to play with color and with texture, making your garden ever so interesting; and also your pathways will look even more marvelous. Cobblestone pavers Sydney have great ideas on how to properly set up your paving in order to make your garden a true work of art. Remember that your only limitation with cobblestone is your imagination when trying to create a unique design.

The most durable of materials

Of course if you want to make sure that your paving stays intact for generations to come, you should opt of granite as it is one of the materials which has the highest durability and strength attributes. Furthermore, it is a quite elegant paving material, whether used for formal or informal occasions; but unfortunately, it comes with a price. Because it is extremely hard to handle granite, it comes as no surprise that you will have to pay a hefty price, but it is well worth it as you will have a truly magnificent garden where you will be able to kick back and enjoy yourself.

Garden paving

When you are happy with the paving material you chose then it is time to figure out the design and what you would like to have in your garden. It is vital that you plan ahead and that you make smaller projects in order to avoid breaking your budget, and that you can be able to change accordingly as you are moving along. Remember that at certain points in your garden paving improvement, you can find something that might suit your exterior design needs better; after all, only your imaginative creativity is your boundary.