From time immemorial, people have been using their patios or the open space that is attached to a house for enjoying themselves out in the sun. This is a place, which was meant for enjoying oneself in the company of one’s near and dear ones. Today, though the concept of patio parties has not changed, there has been quite a change in how one views the patio as a space. There are parties conducted there but it is more of an extension to the household than another space altogether. Thus today, one uses the patio for all kinds of purposes: from lounging out in the open to spending a quiet time reading book shielded from the sunlight. When you think of patio covers or shades, you might be thinking about awnings. Awnings are a solution for people who want to be able to retract their patio shades when necessary and flaunt them when they want to. There are also permanent patio shades that are installed right with the wall of the house, thus forming an extra room by itself. Some pros and cons of patio shades are listed below:

modern white sail sun shades above walkway with blue sky

modern white sail sun shades above walkway with blue sky

Pros of Using a Patio Shade:

  • When you are using a pergola-type shade, remember that this is the most viable option for you if you are intent on having a bar in your patio or lounge around with your buddies. These shades are not actually dark shades. They are clear and they filter the sunlight which makes it possible to sit under the cool shade with enough light from the sun. You will not feel hot at all. These kinds of shades are great when you do not wish to opt for temperature-controlled environment inside your patio. You might also want clear sunlight and in that case, these pergola patio shades are great.

  • These patio shades are very sturdy and durable. They might seem a little costly when you are investing in them, but remember they will serve you till your old days. They can guard the house and the inhabitants against any kind of weather. As the sun shines down upon them, they block the heat only letting the light enter thus creating a perfectly moderate temperature condition. In the winter, if any snowfall occurs one can sit under that patio shade and enjoy oneself looking at the snowflakes. They will not touch the house as well. Thus inclement weather conditions can be easy to guard against once one installs patio shades.

  • Patio shades are great for customizing spaces in your houses. Once you have the area fixed for the kind of shade you want, you will see that there are a lot of options available while consulting designers. You can choose to have your patio shade attached to the wall of your house or you may also want a cosy reading-place hidden away somewhere in your garden. As patio shades can be customized they are very versatile.

Sun Protection Due to These Patio Shades Results in:

  • A great protection from skin cancer. These shades provide a great screening for UVA and UVB rays thus protecting you and your friends from these rays. They are known causes for skin cancer and protection offered against them is a must in tropical countries.

  • The shades will provide a house with a great way to conserve energy. The shade will cool down the interiors of the house by blocking the heat from the harsh sunrays.

  • They manage to save your furniture from getting discoloured. The sunrays attack your furniture and fade them within a year. To prevent discoloured furniture, patio shades are a great option.

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