With the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone has begun staying home more frequently. And staying indoors for extended periods can get boring and depressing, but going outdoors carries grave risks. Worry not because patios are the solution!

As the COVID situation in the capital city of Queensland (or Australia in general) begins to improve, you can spend more time outdoors while staying indoors as patios in Brisbane are becoming a trend. Meanwhile, planning and setting up a patio is a daunting task, but this guide can equip one with all the knowledge they need to do so. So, read on to understand the benefits of having a patio, what to look for while planning, and style discovery.

Benefits of Having a Patio Installed

Resale Value

Patios are an affordable way to increase a property’s resale value. It also makes a house seem more attractive to a buyer as outdoor spaces appeal to many.

More Space

Having people over can get taxing and burdensome, but not so much when there’s extra space in the house. Moreover, be it outdoor cooking or gymming, this outdoor space is versatile and multi-functional, making it the perfect addition to your property.

Outdoor Living

Whether it’s for summer barbeques or springtime picnics, living outdoors can be fun-filled and exciting. And organising a weekend getaway in the backyard is the perfect way to work around the COVID restrictions on camping!

What Defines a Perfect Patio?

After deciding on installing a patio, the next step is designing and planning. So, keep these in mind while creating a plan:


While a patio only brings good things, not everyone’s objective is to increase a property’s resale value. And, whether hosting tea parties or experiencing the beautiful Australian weather, keeping one’s objective in mind can help control the budget.


Smaller patios are cosy and cater to a small group of two, while spacious ones can accommodate a family of 5-7. And regardless of which size is more appealing, ensure that the furniture fits the space and leaves room for movement.


Before constructing a patio, deciding on an appropriate position is crucial. So, look at where the sun sits and think about when the garden will be most in use. Based on these factors, decide which direction the patio will face. Additionally, do not forget to consider privacy and size requirements while making this decision.

Zonal Spacing

While there is beauty in minimalism, how little is too little? Using walling, edges, and pavements can help in adding depth to an outdoor space. And some of the best patios in Brisbane neighbourhoods use diverse plant life to add colour and character.


While one’s style and design reflect their personal preferences, not every idea is the right one. So, one of the most crucial aspects to consider is the patio plan’s compliance with the property’s general theme. Additionally, colour schemes should also work in tandem with each other. For example, a modern house would require a minimalistic patio, and installing a rustic one will seem out of place.

Drainage and Access

Elevated patios require well-planned drainage systems in case of heavy rainfall. And without proper planning, seepage and standing water can damage wooden patio spaces. Moreover, in areas with frequent rain, one should consider a non-elevated patio as this resolves most issues!

Appropriate Furniture

Outdoor furniture should be sturdier as it is exposed to natural elements. From the dense cold night air to heavy rains, patio furniture goes through a lot. So, while picking out outdoor furniture, always consider the weather conditions.

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