Over the years, the UAE has developed into a hotspot for gastronomes. People from different parts of the globe embark on a foodie adventure here. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are known for being the launching places of some of the trendiest recipes around.

Currently, people’s obsession is desserts, pastries in particular. Young and old love the sweet, soft, and flaky bread with cream, chocolate, jam, and fruits. The love for pastries is believed to be one of the drivers behind the strongly revived popularity of afternoon high tea, where people enjoy subtly flavored tea with different kinds of mini sandwiches, tea cakes, and pastries.

Thankfully, the country has a lot of world-class bakeries and patisseries where you can get sweet treats for dessert, snack, or tea. Dubai is also the home of a reputable culinary school where pastry-making is taught. And, for the summer, its culinary program includes pastry classes in Dubai for high schoolers.

Why Pastry School for the Summer?

Pastry school for young people is an ideal school break destination, whether they’re into baking or not. This place presents the opportunity to meet new people and acquire skills that they can use for the rest of their lives.

And, for high schoolers who are actually eyeing a career in the food industry, pastry classes will provide them with all the important fundamentals or know-how that can serve their advantage in the future.

Advantages of Taking Pastry Classes for High Schoolers

Aside from those advantages of attending pastry school or learning how to make pastries, five more are described below.

1. Learning how to make pastries can be an income-generator for young people.

Any person who wants financial stability and independence at a young age can use the skills developed from attending pastry classes to start a part-time business. High schoolers can sell their creations to family, friends, and classmates and earn money. And, if the pastries are a hit, they may even receive more orders for special occasions such as parties.

It’s worth noting, too, that attending pastry classes can lead to jobs. Culinary schools, after all, are where restaurants and other food-centered businesses look for skilled people to hire. For young people who are looking for a side job, just being in a pastry class can easily lead to employment.

2. Pastry-making is a fun hobby.

For creatives, making delicious food that is also visually pleasing is an excellent pastime. High schoolers who find themselves with a lot of free time can avoid boredom by making pastries at home. It takes a considerable amount of time to make pastries, particularly pretty ones.

Also, making pastries can serve as a prelude to another enjoyable hobby, such as “foodtography.” High schoolers make up the big group of Instagram account-holders that put up lovely images of food that become very popular.

Also, making pastries is fun. Succeeding in a process can provide a sense of fulfillment, and of course, the culmination is in the taste test where positive feedback can bring more joy.

3. Acquiring highly valuable skills builds confidence.

Learning something and becoming good at it never fails in building a person’s confidence. High schoolers can benefit immensely from knowing that they have skills that are highly in demand in particular industries. They get to have this sense of certainty that should other pursuits in life fall through, they still have a useful skill that they can use to fall back on.

4. Learning how to make pastries can mean quality time with family and friends.

Baking is a shareable skill, and it’s an activity that can bring families together. This is evident enough in a lot of home and lifestyle magazines that frequently feature families working to create a bountiful feast for a birthday or holiday.

Young people who know how to make pastries can share in the responsibility of preparing food to eat. At the same time, they can teach what they know to their parents and siblings — an activity that can foster a stronger bond.

5. Attending pastry school is an excellent buffer between high school and home life.

Life can get quite stressful for high schoolers. They have assignments, projects, tests and school commitments to juggle. Therefore, they have much to gain from trying out something new. Attending pastry school during a summer break is a fantastic deviation from the same old, same old.

First of all, pastry-making is a creative activity, and it offers a different pace for high schoolers. Plus, there are unique rubrics for a job well done. Secondly, pastry classes for young learners are less rigid, the experts teaching them have a friendlier and more engaging approach. A lot of high schoolers welcome this change in their stressful routine and even find that it allows them to unwind while staying productive.

Thirdly, what can beat a fun time with food?

Food is shared after every learning session. Superbly executed recipes and less-than-perfect results are for everybody to sample, which can lead to enjoyable conversations. And fourth, attending pastry school exposes young people to a different set of values such as messy is not always bad, and how accidents can bring out the best sometimes. These are unconventional values that can serve them well in school and other aspects of life.

Make the Summer Break Worthwhile

Summer breaks are typically the time when young people just kick back and relax. But, if you are a parent and you want your kids to make better use of their time while having fun, enrolling them in pastry classes is a smart idea.

With this, not only will you effectively prevent potentially destructive activities bred out of boredom (rather typical for young people on a school break), but you may also save money.

You can lessen your trips to the local patisserie where everybody usually goes crazy buying all the eclairs, tarts, French macarons, and cream puffs that they want. Instead, you can have your high schoolers bake those trendy favorites for the whole family to enjoy.