When it comes to getting together with friends and celebrating different traditions, the holidays are considered to be the most wonderful time of the year to host and attend parties. Although traditional Christmas parties are standard, there are other ways to host fun gatherings that have unique themes. If you’re looking for a few party ideas this holiday season, there are a few options to consider to make it an unforgettable event.


Cookie Decorating Party

One of the best parts of the holiday season is spending time baking and enjoying sweet treats. Decorating cookies is a common pastime that is enjoyed by both children and adults, making it a perfect theme for a Christmas party. Create a cookie station where your guests can use different colors of frosting and sprinkles to create masterpieces that can be munched on during the party. You can even give a prize to the guest who decorates the most festive cookie.


Holiday-Themed Sports Tournament

A holiday-themed sports tournament is ideal for those who enjoy staying active outside and getting competitive. Families can join in on the fun and participate in relay races and flag football games. Consider a candy cane relay race, which can allow everyone to pass around a candy cane to make it a festive game. You can even host a relay race that requires everyone to dress up as elves, which will also prove to be memorable and fun.


Progressive Holiday Dinner

Spending time dining over a meal with your neighbors or friends is a great way to celebrate the holidays. Consider hosting a progressive holiday dinner where everyone can travel to different homes to enjoy a different dish at each residence. Three to six hosts will be needed to serve meals with volunteer drivers used to transport everyone. Moving around to different homes will offer a variety of the type of food that is served. Consider asking one host to provide the appetizers, another to serve the entree, and an additional host to make desserts.


Christmas Pool Party

In warmer climates like California and Arizona, it’s common for the weather to be warm during the winter season. If you want to make the most out of the high temperatures, consider hosting a Christmas pool party where everyone can wear swimsuits and red Santa hats. Those in colder climates can still join in on the fun with a Christmas in July pool party in the summer.


By working with a contractor and selecting different pool designs Jackson MS, you can enhance the quality of your backyard with a feature that can be used in the summer after the holidays come to an end.


Ice Skating Adventure

Hosting a party at the ice rink that allows you to indulge in a winter wonderland. Everyone can bundle up and enjoy skating on the ice before taking a break to enjoy hot chocolate. If you prefer to host the party at your home, you can build your own ice rink in the backyard or at a nearby pond.


Christmas Caroling

The holiday season isn’t complete without going Christmas caroling where you can sing fun tunes and treat your neighbors to classic Christmas hymns that they can sing along to at their home. Your party can also include practicing the songs together before heading out to spread Christmas cheer.


Ugly Sweater Party

Ugly sweater parties are becoming increasingly common for the laughs that they offer. Invite your guests to dress in an ugly Christmas sweater and host a contest to determine who wore the most unsightly attire.


Holiday parties no longer have to be traditional. With a bit of creativity, you can throw a fun and unique party that has an interesting theme and will allow you to create new memories with your family members and friends.