Many children tend to slump or slouch as they become taller. They may be uncomfortable with their new height or be inches taller than their classmates. Excessive weight and too much time sitting in front of a television screen can also cause poor posture. Parents should stress to their offspring just how very important it is to maintain a strong stance. The reasons for this is that poor posture can indicate some of the following issues.


Health Concerns

It may be that your youngster exhibits poor posture due to health issues such as curvature or misalignment of the spine. Find a good chiropractor, because they can check your child’s spine to ensure that there’s no medical cause for the poor posture. After you get a diagnose, they can prescribe specific exercises to strengthen core muscles and help the child walk and sit in an erect manner.


Lack of Confidence

Poor posture could indicate a general lack of confidence or even depression. Walking while slumped over with head down can be a sign that you needs counseling or professional intervention. It’s unclear if the posture leads to the depression or the depression causes the bad posture. Compliment your youngster whenever possible. Always look for the positive in them and strive to make them feel secure and loved at all times. Encourage them to always sit up straight. Consider taking them to a counselor or therapist to figure out what’s going on and resolve it. Give your child many reasons for them to feel valued and appreciated.


A Poor Body Image

Many children stand or sit with their chin thrust forward or shoulders slouched. This may indicate that they suffer from a poor body image. Help your child realize they are perfect just the way they are and that they should always stand tall. Young adolescent girls may also slouch because they may be self-conscious of their newly developing breasts. Assist them in learning how to walk with shoulders pulled back and purchase properly fitted undergarments.


Bad Habits

Poor posture may simply be the result of bad habits. As stated earlier, crouched in front of a television screen playing video games or sitting at a desk all day can wreak havoc with your child’s body. Always encourage them to take frequent breaks and walk around the room or around the block with their heads held high and shoulders back.

In the old days, parents and teachers would have their slouching charges walk around the room with a book on their head. You can take steps now to help improve your child’s posture. This could include activities like ballet, gymnastics, diving, and yoga. Even piano lessons can help. All of these activities encourage the importance of standing or sitting straight and stretching out.


It is important to let your child know that getting taller is all part of growing up and that no matter what their height, they look amazing. Standing straight will project confidence and good health and provide the groundwork for good posture in their adult lives.