Rodents like rats and mice are not as loveable as they seem in cartoons or comics. Being a cartoon fanatic, I never believed rats or mice are that dangerous. But, when I faced a tremendous influx of mice in my home in Brisbane, only experts from residential pest control near me could help me deal with those superior pests. Oh! Cinderella, I certainly believed in you.

Pandemics and epidemics are hugely interrelated with viruses and other microbes. Pests being one of the leading carriers of those infectious germs, can be dangerous if you don’t take enough measures to get rid of them. Though there is a healthy debate whether rats and mice were the primary carriers for the outbreak of Plague, since the 1800s, they are helping the diseases get spread for sure. Even when the microbe concerning to Plague wasn’t yet discovered, scientists were confident that rats are spreading the illness over the world. Actually, I never knew these underlying truths until professionals from commercial pest control Brisbane told me why I should never neglect rat invasion.

Rats host infectious microbes

Well, I always try to keep good hygiene, and that’s why I myself vacuum lawns and stuff before I get ready for my office in Brisbane. But one day, our scheduled communal mice pest control experts found rat droppings in my house and confronted me for my negligence as I could have acquired some deadly diseases.


I don’t think you would get pleased if you get infected by Leptospirosis. Rat urine or feces is the primary source of this bacteria. Once infected, people encounter unbearable headaches and degrees of fever. If you are feeling such symptoms and still not consulting doctors, then you may develop liver failure or meningitis. The ultimate result can also be some deaths.


Salmonella is typically concerned with promoting Gastrointestinal dysfunctions. It is a bacterial illness that often results in diarrhea, fever, stomach ache, etc. Although these are not deadly problems, any person with compromised immunity can be vulnerable to acquire these diseases.

Fever from Rat-bite

Sometimes people get attacked by unnumbered rats in their houses and get bitten or scratched by them. As a result, they acquire temporary fever of higher degree with vomiting and several pains. Thankfully I survived this kind of unfortunate moment after I called for residential pest control near me.


Typically known by the name HPS, Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome is a deadly prospect if you have rat or mice infestation in your house. This disease can cause kidney failure, acute respiratory syndromes, and low blood pressure in severe cases.

Rats continue residential damages

I was mostly concerned about several scratching sounds at night but never spotted any other sign of rat infestation in my house. Then my friend suggested me to contact any commercial pest control service because they are experienced in finding rats and mice. The professionals came and told me that there was already a massive rat invasion growing in my house, and even I could seek dead rat removal service at the earliest. Still, during their inspection, I found numerous damage they made in my home.

  1. Rats found an ideal place at a corner of my kitchen, where I generally store dry foods. They destroyed almost half of my inventory so far.
  2. Some of them settled into a place in my attic and continued to cut multiple electric wires that were stocked for future works.
  3. Those vermin have drilled many places in the walls to create channels between their daily destinations and their home. They have sharp teeth and are prone to cut anything.
  4. As expected, my favorite wooden chair was damaged a bit from its legs, and the wooden door in my kitchen was neatly cut through its end. Actually, they cut the door to make an unnoticed entrance towards their food sources.


Pests should be dealt with at the first shot when you spot a single sign. Once you allow them to breed freely in your house, they can cause mental and physical disorders in no time.

  1. If there are only a few rats in your house, you can try some proven home tricks like baits and traps to eliminate them in numbers. Besides doing such, you should seal any unwanted holes and gaps in the walls.
  2. Though sanitization doesn’t help much to fend off them, lack of cleanliness can attract them. Make sure to remove every clutter and clogging and throw away garbage out of your some.
  3. Seek professional hands to help you. Dead rats’ disposals are significant sources of microbes. Make sure to include dead rat removal service in your inspection. Follow others who have overcome such a situation and ask suggestions about what to do. Live a safe and pest-free life.