Tulsi is an herbal plant found in almost every Indian household. The plant not just holds religious significance but is also infused with amazing medicinal qualities. The Panch Tulsi Drops is basically the mixture of five types of Tulsi the Rama, Shama, Babi, Drudriha, Tukshmiya.  The health benefits offered by this plant are just unparallel. This is very effective in healing various diseases and can also fight fatal diseases or fevers like Dengue, Swine flu and malaria. The tulsi drops are very effective in fighting cold, acidity, cough, constipation, abdominal pain, and stomach pain.

Different Benefits of Panch Tulsi

Tulsi is always regarded as a wonder plant and its use was extensively made during the ancient times and was considered to be one of the best healers. The advance medical science has also recognized the benefits of this plant and is therefore used expensively for curing different diseases. As mentioned, there are not one but many medical benefits of the Panch tulsi. Some of the Tulsi benefits of these drops are listed below:

  • The Panch Tulsi is extremely beneficial for the patients of hypertension, asthma, congestion etc.
  • It also cures obesity and it good for the people who are anemic or have ulcers.
  • With the intake of Panch tulsi the immunity of the person increases, it removes all the impurities present in the human body.
  • The Tulsi drops also control diabetes to the great extent.
  • The viral and the anti-bacterial action present in tulsi makes it very effective.
  • It helps in controlling the rising level of sugar.
  • These drops can effectively destroy the resistant bacteria that are responsible for the respiratory infection.
  • It is also found to be very effective in the prevention of inflammations that arise in certain types of viral and bacterial infections.
  • It can also be consumed by those who struggle due to the problem of inappropriate sleep.

Dosage of the Tulsi Drops

The Tulsi drops are to be taken in very small quantity you just have to add two drops of this in a glass full of water. The quantity of these drops varies according to the quantity of the water, so if one liter of water is taken then you only add five Tulsi drops. This can directly be added to the RO purifier, just 20 drops of tulsi n the water purifier can make you healthy and strengthen your immunity.

 How Does This Work

The Panch Tulsi works gradually in your body, the tulsi drops are simply mixed in the water, and the water is then ready for drinking. When the tulsi drops are inserted in the water these drops bursts in the water and coverts slowly into micro globules. After this, it disperses in the container uniformly.

Price of Panch Tulsi

The Panch Tulsi Price will surely surprise you as this is wonder Tulsi drops are available at very affordable rates. This is much cheaper than the price you will spend on any of the medicines and its benefits are certainly priceless.

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