Panch Tulsi is the perfect herbal care for people of any age group. This is safe to use and causes no side effects. Tulsi, a common plant in every Indian household has excellent healing properties. The Panch Tulsi is the mixture of different tulsi extracts and it benefits the human body in several ways.

More about the Panch Tulsi

Tulsi is a perfect blend of liquid extract taken from five different types of or Basil. Five types if Tulsi are as follows:

  • Drudriha Tulsi
  • Rama Tulsi
  • Shama Tulsi
  • Babi Tulsi

The Panch tulsi drops is made by mixing the five types of tulsi in the appropriate proportion. These Tulsi droops can be consumed by mixing in the water for ultimate health benefits. The Panch Tulsi is known to the exceptional quality if healing the health ailments and also perfect in fighting different types of allergies. This is an ultimate gift of nature and can be consumed by anyone and everyone.

The Benefits

Benefits of Tulsi are just endless as the extracts of this medicinal plant can help to cure something like a mild cold and can fight cancer cells. It works as an ultimate protector of your body and also strengthens to sharpen the memory power. Some of the benefits of Tulsi are as follows:

  • Extremely helpful in high fever and can be taken as a preventive medicine for fatal fever like Dengue and Malaria.
  • Tulsi also works as a natural cough syrup and it gradually removes the mucus accumulated in the bronchitis. Chewing these leaves provide quick relief from cough and cold. One can consume Tulsi leaves boiled in water to reduce sore throat.
  • Tulsi also helps in treatment of the respiratory disorder, one can consume tulsi with ginger and honey a perfect remedy for cold and cough.
  • Tulsi leaves also strengthen the kidney.
  • Cardiac problems can also be treated with the Tulsi leaves. It helps to overcome the weakness caused due to such diseases.
  • It controls the blood sugar level as well as the cholesterol present in the blood.
  • Tulsi or the Basil leaves are also considered as anti depressant
  • It is also very helpful if you are stressed, you can simply chew few leaves of the Tulsi plant and feel stress free.
  • It helps in fighting tooth disorder as well as cure ulcer in the mouth. Just dry few leaves in the sun and crush them to make powder, this can be directly applied on the affected tooth.
  • The juice extracted from the tulsi leaves can also be applied for treating skin diseases like ringworm, insect bites etc.
  • Its leaves are also a good remedy for headache, some tulsi leaves can be mixed with the sandalwood paste and can be applied on the forehead.

The benefits of Tulsi are simply endless and this natural medicine can simply keep your body fit and fight various disorders. This natural healer protects your body from ailments and keeps you strong and active. To experience the benefits of tulsi yourself, buy Panch Tulsi Drops  just in 110 INR and use it regularly. You can find one at