If Outdoor blinds act as a screen between your home and the environment. These blinds provide shade and passage of air at the same time. The outdoor blinds are available in abundance in all sizes, colors, and designs. These outdoor blinds also save you from the eyes of pesky neighbors who always interfere in your life. Aesthetics of one’s house also increases. Various factors are to be considered while choosing the right blinds for your home like operation, purpose, climate, fabric etc.


  • Protection from elements: Outdoor blinds maintain the temperature inside the house by providing shade on sunny days. They reflect the sunlight and keep your home cool. They are also very beneficial in stopping rain from entering your house.
  • Style: Outdoor blinds are available in abundance in many colors and styles in the market. The colors and style enhance the aesthetic appearance of your house. Nowadays, motorized and roller blinds are available for the ease of the residents.
  • Privacy: Outdoor blinds play a major role in increasing your privacy and saving you from those nosy neighbors who are always peeking at your house.
  • Versatility: Outdoor blinds can blend easily with the location. Whether it is a garden area or living room, they fit everywhere. They can be used in multiple places, i.e., both inside and outside of the home.
  • Easy to use: Outdoor blinds can be rolled, folded or shuttered. The material is strong but can be put up and put down easily.

Factors to be Considered While Choosing Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor Blinds

  • Purpose: The first and foremost thing to ask yourself while buying an outdoor blind is why do you need a blind? Do you want to ensure your privacy? Do you want your outdoor area to become a living room? Deciding the purpose is the first step.
  • Climate: The second factor is climate. In what climate you want to use your blinds? There are different blinds for different climate conditions.
  • Ease of operation: You will not be using your blinds 24×7. Choosing the right type of blinds on the basis of their operation is also another factor. If you have to pull up and down your blinds every day, you should go for motorized blinds.
  • Fabric: Type of fabric is also an important factor in choosing the right blinds. The PVC material will protect you from wind and rain and will also allow the sunshine to enter your property. The acrylic material will block the sunrays as well.
  • Energy consumption: Outdoor blinds are very useful in reducing the energy consumption of air conditioners. The blinds block the sun rays from entering the house, hence maintaining the room temperature. This reduces the load from air conditioners in turn reducing the electricity bills.

Types of Outdoor Blinds

  • Verandah blinds: When you need privacy and want to make your outdoor area your living area, verandah blinds are the perfect option.
  • Retractable blinds: These blinds are used to block the sight through windows to get some privacy.
  • Café blinds: These blinds made of PVC plastic which makes a barrier for the entertainment area. They are also available in tinted options.
  • Folding arm awning: These blinds act as a roof to your outdoor areas. The folding arm is used to tuck it in a compact box.
  • Pivot arm awning: These are specialized for windows and doors because they protect from UV rays and gives passage for air at the same time.
  • Ziplock blinds: These blinds provide gapless insect screen to your area. The zip lock blinds are wind resistant. It is very important that you regularly do blind cleaning.