Business travel; you either love it or hate it. Many people see it as a perk, and almost as a breakaway in itself however, others find it completely inconvenient and even an uncomfortable experience.

Whilst travelling for business can be uncomfortable, it can be made so much better when you make the right arrangements and follow certain rules.

That’s why we have collated the below guide, with the help of Euro taxis, providers of the leading Chauffeur Service Bristol, so that you can navigate your next trip like a pro and open yourself up to a world of new experiences!

Book Direct Flights

This is much easier said than done, however, if you can book a direct flight, make sure to do it! This will minimise the risks of delays, missing connection flights and the very boring time you have to spend at the airport!

Also, try and aim to book for either early morning or late evening, as these flights will be the ones that are less likely to be delayed.

Make Sure You Have Working Wi-Fi

Whilst this may seem rather obvious, but having good Wi-Fi whilst travelling for business is important.

Make sure to carry a portable wireless device, a micro-router and/or get yourself a quality VPN.

A wireless device will save you the panic of searching for somewhere with decent Wi-Fi or getting a local SIM card and a VPN will allow you to pass any local firewalls or blocks so that you can easily send photos, files and videos.

Pack Wisely

One of the best tips we can pass on to you is to pack wisely.

Packing for a business trip is incredibly different to packing for a holiday. You will need to dress smartly and formally at business meetings, so you’ll want to include;

  • A smart pair of trousers or skirt,
  •  A few smart tops or shirts,
  •  A nice pair of shoes for meetings,
  •  A dress or suit for events and parties,
  • Casual clothes for when you aren’t working,

Packing cubes can be a great investment to stop items of clothing from creasing when they are packed in your suitcase.

Often, for a business trip, it is a good idea to stick to a small bag, to make travelling much easier and smoother. However, if you are going on a long business trip, don’t limit yourself.

Choose Executive Travel

Executive travel is also a great choice when you are going on a business trip. Booking an executive car means that you’ll be able to reach your destination looking professional and this will provide an excellent impression to those you are meeting.

In fact, by dressing smartly and arriving in a high-end impressive car, you will project your company’s images and standards from the moment you arrive.


Whilst you visit a certain location for business, don’t miss the opportunity of exploring. You’ll definitely regret it when all you do is go from meeting to meeting and back to your hotel room.

Take a good guidebook and pick out some places you’d like to see. Even if you have a packed schedule, make sure to get up early and fit in some time exploring before your working day starts.

Timetable Your Meetings Carefully

This point definitely ties in with the one above. Make sure to arrange your meetings so that you have suitable gaps to take the odd hour for yourself and do some exploring.

It’s all too easy to pack in as many meetings as possible, yet your trip can easily become tiring when it’s meeting after meeting.

In fact, you’ll likely feel much more energised by taking in new experiences, making your trip much more of a success

Be Sociable

Business trips are also about socialising. Therefore, don’t just let things end when the meeting does. Invite people out for drinks or a meal, and you’ll likely end up discovering some of the hidden gems that the location you’re visiting has to offer!

We hope that the above article has given you some insight into making your next business trip hassle-free and more relaxing. Wherever it may be that you’re travelling; we hope that your trip is comfortable and successful.

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