Orthodontics is the branch of specialty in dentistry. In Greek words “ortho” refers to straight and “dontics” refer to teeth. Orthodontics is the practice of transforming or aligning the misaligned teeth to the straightened position.

Orthodontics specialist can manage the growth and development of teeth and resolve issues like abnormal positioning of jaws, teeth, and face. Orthodontics specialist doctors are also specialized in the diagnosis, correction of dental problems and prevention from facial irregularities and abnormalities.  With the increase in the demand for dental cosmetics role of Orthodontics specialist has also increased across the world.

A beautiful smile is a sign to enhance our confidence and self-esteem level. Not everyone is born with a perfect smile. There are some causes in teeth like crowding of the teeth, the spacing in teeth, overbite that may make you look ugly and you want to erase these defects. By the direction of the orthodontic appliances, gentle forces are applied carefully to align the teeth in the proper manner to make your smile beautiful.

  • Causes of the Orthodontic problems are bad bites, and imperfect positioning caused by the skeletal growth. Acquired bite problem will cause the premature loss of teeth.
  • Alternative for those problems will be cured by applying the orthodontic treatment. Using the traditional braces is the new technology and it will gradually align the unordered teeth.
  • Children should be evaluated for the orthodontic problem before the age of seven because too late treatments are not useful for the orthodontic causes.

Treatment for every orthodontic problem will take time and it will depend on the gravity of the problem. Once the treatment has concluded; the regular maintenance of the patient will achieve the results.

Use of braces and precautions to be taken when braces are on during orthodontic treatment


Braces are the thing used to align the misaligned teeth to correct alignment by applying some forces. Every orthodontic will check for the need of braces to the patient. Orthodontic treatment needs the past dental history to plan the bracket needs for treatment.

Braces are often to apply during childhood for the best results, but braces are not only for kids they can be applicable to any people who wish to improve their natural enamel. While the Treatment of braces is  in the process you need to keep your teeth clean carefully

Be sure of the food item you take during the treatment. Braces make the consumption of food difficult. The certain precautions to be taken during the treatment related to foods are listed below.

  • Fruits: should be as easily chewed.
  • Vegetables: have softer raw vegetables and steam vegetables like leafy greens and healthy diet.
  • Grains: Cut the baked or cooked grain into multiple pieces to make them chewable.
  • Dairy items: all dairy foods are allowed to have but need to eat carefully without letting them stuck in the braces.
  • Meat:  remove the bone from meat and Cut it into the stringy cuts or small pieces to avoid the damage in braces.
  • Candy: choose the candy which doesn’t stick to the braces and harden to bite.

What are the benefits of Orthodontic Treatment?

The treatment will Decrease the oral disease from harmful bacteria that can decay the tooth Orthodontic specialist will help to prevent the jaw from the hazardous problem. They will bring back your beautiful smile and confidence along with self-esteem. Crooked or cracked teeth can lead to a world of problems but with Orthodontic treatment, you can get rid of your cracked teeth. In the long run, Orthodontic treatment is very cost effective than dealing with the issues. Therefore, if you have any such problem contact your Orthodontist today.