Setting up a new shop, in a new location is never easy – for starters, whether you plan to rent, lease or purchase the building outright, you need to make sure that you ink a legal agreement to that effect. And that’s just for starters, for once you go ahead and set up your shop, you need to start marketing the same to launch your new shop. Just check out some of the important points that you need to cover, when setting up a new shop.

  • Sign an agreement: The first thing that you need to do, whether you are renting/ leasing or purchasing the shop, is to develop an iron clad agreement and get it signed by both parties including yourself. This agreement is basically there, to provide you with the required legal protection and to ensure that the previous owner abides by the terms.
  • Stocking up your shop: Assuming that you are setting up a retail outlet, you need to make sure that you have the right contacts, especially those who can supply you regularly with the supplies you need for your shop. Naturally, you need to make sure that you have all the latest products that you think that your customers would be interested in and mark them up accordingly. Since this is a new shop, you can set up an offer where the prices of all products are marked down by 25%. If you need more help with setting up your new shop, then you can Google “shopfitters Leicester”.
  • Marketing: Since it is the official launch of your new shop, you would naturally want to get the word out and even let everyone know about your introductory offer as well. You can get a few flyers printed and distribute it around your locality, with the morning newspaper. And you can also book several online ads as well – these should help to get the word across and soon, you should have more than a few customers dropping in to check your shop out. And if you still need more assistance with setting up your shop, you can search online for shopfitting contractors in London.
  • Customers: You are basically trying to set up a customer base and that involves trying to develop a closer relationship with your customers. You may want to develop a long term relationship with your customers and even provide them with special offers that encourage them to shop at your outlet more often.
  • The gift: Since it is the launch of your new shop, you can use this as an opportunity to help build up your brand as well. All you need to do is to opt for some functional gifts that everyone needs and requires, and gift your customers with the same. And you can make sure that your shop’s name and logo are boldly displayed on these promotional items. For example, you can choose pens and since everyone uses pens, it is natural that they would see the company logo on the side, each and every time they use your pen. Just make sure that the pen in question is well designed and is sturdy and durable as well
  • Personalize: You may also want to personalize your customers experience in your new shop. Ask your customers to fill in their details including their birthday and inform them that they can avail a special discount on their birthday. This would make them feel appreciated all the more and they would naturally want to shop at your outlet more often.

These are some of the things that you need to carry out, when setting up a new shop. With these tips, you should be able to set up a new shop, get a loyal customer base and even get more new customers in the process. Do remember that the customer is always right and that CRM is an important aspect of any new shop/management.