Teaching and learning via the Internet is known as online teaching.

Online teaching is growing and spreading at a very good pace. Now, people have a good understanding of online teaching and its benefits. Teachers and students all across different countries are adopting this model for imparting and receiving education.

The deadly coronavirus pandemic has also made students and teachers accommodate the online mode of education. It is now the new normal for everybody. In the covid times, online teaching emerged out as something magical or boon in the field of education. It has proved to us that education can be conducted and continued even at the time of pandemics.

Education can now be continued from anywhere and at any time. Online teaching has promoted virtual learning and distance learning. It is further divided into asynchronous courses, synchronous courses, and hybrid courses. Teachers and students have the opportunity to choose the pattern and course according to their preferences.

With the growing technology, we all have stepped into the digital era. Everything can be easily done with the help of network and network devices. Science and technology are developing at a faster rate.  Everything is evolving and getting converted into a better form. There is a big alteration and movement in the existing educational forms. Now human generation is moving towards online education.  Teachers have shifted their focus towards online classes. Teachers should now add skilled in online classes to their resume format for teachers.

There are several online educational apps that are helping instructors and students to learn.  Applications are developed to make our lives easier and quick. All our required tasks can be completed with the usage of this computer program or application.

Education is one of the most popular categories on the list of app stores. These online education apps are designed in such a way that students and teachers can easily use them. The accessibility to these educational apps is quite easy.

Educational apps can be easily downloaded on our phones and laptops. The access and installing process is simple. Online education apps promote innovative learning. The activities performed on  these apps make learning very interesting. As we know, children are experts when it comes to mobile  users. It becomes very convenient and fun for children to study online. The introduction of the  application in the education field has introduced us to modern and new usage of learning. It had  increased the engagement of students in learning.

Many students are not good at writing and copying the content from the blackboard. But learning online  is different from this traditional method. The senior students who have started their professional  careers can also carry their further education with the help of this process. The flexibility and comfort  are quite high.

Even the young children of primary and pre-primary sections can learn and study through these educational apps. Interesting poems, stories with colorful pictured make young children happy and  increase their involvement in learning.

Parent-teacher interactions are better and smooth with the help of educational apps. Time convenience is one of the biggest benefits of using these educational apps.

Educational Apps can also be called online live classes apps because they help to conduct live sessions of interaction between students and teachers.

Learners and instructors communicate and complete their desired course by conducting live sessions.  These are virtual meetups. Live sessions are one of the most important technologies of e-learning.

With the help of mobile cameras or web cameras, teachers and students can see each other virtually  and communicate. It is a kind of video conferencing through a particular educational app. These live  sessions are more interesting and knowledgeable as compared to pre-recorded lectures because this  involved two-way communication. Both teacher and student exchange their thoughts and views on a  topic. Continuous exchange of messages makes it more lively and fun.

In between the live streaming, teachers show presentations, modules, and many worksheets related to  the topic. The live stream sessions are also recorded and saved for the students who in case missed the  session.

Virtual classrooms and online teaching have become the need of the hour. It has taken the education  sector forward. There is betterment and growth in the education field with the emergence of online  learning. Teachers and students are doing their respective tasks even during the pandemic period.

Teachers are teaching and learners are learning using their respective network devices and the internet.  This shows that education can be carried at any time and from anywhere with the help of growing  technology. Different from existing and traditional classroom study, e-learning is helping students and  teachers to adapt the digital life and technology. It is making the world more modern and advance.

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