Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Though we all wish we were the type of parent who finishes their holiday shopping by October, the vast majority of Canadians are usually scrambling at the very last minute to fill their children’s stockings. If you’re a procrastinator, then you’ve probably said, ‘next year it will be different’ even though you know it won’t be. And it doesn’t have to be. Back in the prehistoric days before online shopping, going to the mall in the last few weeks before the big day would have a significant impact on the quality of presents you could get your children. But now that the perfect gift is only a few clicks away, you can nab the best presents without ever having to brave the crowds.

Online shopping is a more civilized way to get your gifts, especially if you have your eye on musical instruments and accessories. It completely eliminates the stress of holiday gift-giving. You don’t have to circle the parking lot, waiting for someone else to leave before you can manage to find a spot. You don’t have to brave the crowds of mall walkers (who are more Dead Heads than shoppers at this point) on your way from one end of the mall to another. You don’t have to wait in lines that wind out the door. There are online music stores in Canada that make holiday shopping easy. You can shop in your pyjamas with a coffee in your hand, avoiding all of the lines and frustration that comes with venturing out to the mall.

But don’t worry — just because you chose the path with least resistance doesn’t mean your kids will know it. Online music stores provide all of the same services as their in-store counter-parts. In fact, you’ll have a greater number of musical instruments and accessories at your fingertips. Whereas a brick-and-mortar store can only offer as much as their backroom allows, the online store inventory has as much to offer as the warehouse does. You have your choice of quality-made instruments, sheet music, and sound systems. This means you may also find special edition items that aren’t regularly carried in local music stores. Gibson Guitars often release limited edition models of some of their most popular guitars around the holidays, and you’re unlikely to find them in smaller, local music stores as you would online.

The only thing you will have to contend with is their delivery dates, so open up a new tab and start shopping sooner rather than later. If completing your Christmas shopping by October is a pipedream, look towards a music store Canada as a whole trusts. A name like Long & McQuade is a good place to start for quality gifts. They have been the biggest music store in Canada for years, offering a massive selection of guitars, basses, drums, orchestral instruments and enough digital music equipment to make Giorgio Moroder proud. Wherever you go, however, online holiday shopping takes the stress out of the season and can be the less stressful way to get the gifts that are really going to impress your loved ones!