It is really very important to take some protection while it is lightening outside as at the time of thunderstorm when lightening is produced it can be dangerous for the people along with society.

Some Following Steps to Take Care of Your Home As Well As Work Places:

Understand the term Lightening?

There are various ways of being struck off by lightening:

  • Jump:

The lightning sometimes hits any other object and then jumps sideways just to hit you.

  • Direct Strike:

After hitting you the lightening just passes to the earth through you.

  • Ground Strike:

The lightening first strikes the ground and then passes to the ground after hitting you.

What Is Lighting:

When it strikes on the ground or a tower, plant, it never goes straight. Most the time it spreads through the ground first then catches the near object that can carry electricity. When there is a thunder storm outside we should be careful as to take care of our house.


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The 30/30 Rule:

Most of the research states that people are basically struck at the time when lightening occurs and they think that they do not have any danger from lightning. This happens just at the time when the thunder storm passes. When a thunderstorm occurs all should think of the possibilities of striking light, its proximity as well as not the occurrence of rain too. It is really advisable to use the 30/30 rules which is really a good way to improve the personal safety level at the time when it is lightening outside. If you see the length of the sound and lightening is 6 miles away that means the sound is at least 30 minutes in its length, it is really concerning to take an immediate shelter. It is also advisable to stay inside at least for 30 minutes after you hear the last thunder clap. By doing so, the risk of getting stuck by the light will be reduced. Should you want more help on optimum in lightning protection, then a reliable agency will be more than happy to help you.

Reduce the Risk of the Fire:

Most of us might wish to consider protecting our entire house. In such a case a lightning rod can protect our building being caught fire not only from the electrical surges but also from lightning. This rod does not decrease or increase the chance of the lighting to strike our house, it just gives the protection to the house by creating a path to pass the electricity to the ground safely. It is really a good system to put the rod to the top of the building. As the rod is higher than the building, it is no wonder that lightning hits the rod first. In this case cables conduct the electricity to pass the ground safely and also secure all the connection that the lighting does not jump to the house. These rods are not cent percent guaranteed to eliminate the fire that produces from the lighting.

Get Protection From the Electronics From The Thunder:

If your house gets hit by the lighting or else any nearby power lines then it can also follow the phone lines inside your house. Not only that but also It can damage the television, Computer and so many electrical gazettes. The home insurance policy of your house may or may not cover the damage that can cause by lightning. You need to disconnect every connection such as internet, satellite dish connection, antennae etc.

Following the safety rules may help you to protect your house and also to give you a secured building. As lighting has a dangerous effect to all, so all of you should be very careful when there is a lightning in the sky.