Some odors are easy to identify like trash that someone in the family forgot to take out, but there are others that are not so easy. You cannot live with these odors forever. The following are a few odors that are hard to identify and how to get rid of them.

A Smoke Smell

This smell could be signaling dangerous electrical issues, especially if you cannot find the source. The issue could be within the walls, and smoke is a sign of a small fire, which means a big one could happen at some point. To help you to identify the source of the smell, make sure to blow out all of the candles around your house and then one by one turn off the stove, furnace, AC, and laundry appliances. If the smell doesn’t go away when these things are turned off, then you should definitely consult a professional. Talk to your electrician about this smell, and try to keep a journal detailing when you smelled it and what appliances were on during the time, which may be helpful. If the smell does go away after certain appliances are turned off, though, then you have located the source and can look around for a probable cause. For example, there might be food stuck to the bottom of your stove that is causing the smoke smell. However, appliances can have much more serious causes—such as wiring issues and overheating.

Wet Dog Scent

Of course, it is easy to fix this smell if you have a wet dog at home, but the smell could be pointing to squatters like rats, squirrels, or raccoons as they can emit a similar smell. You will need to talk to an exterminator if you suspect this is your problem to effectively deal with it. Be sure that you do not delay as these creatures can carry harmful diseases.

Damp Smell

One of the most dangerous smells to come across in your home is a musty smell, especially if it is constant and does not seem to have a source. This smell is usually associated with mold, which can grow between the walls. There are many reasons why mold grows like a leaky roof or a plumbing problem. You will need to have a professional, such as one from First Class Plumbing LLC, check your home as soon as possible. Mold can be detrimental to the overall structure of your home and can even release mold spores if left untreated. This could lead to allergic reactions among other documented health issues.

Restroom Odors

You might not know this, but sewer gases can make their way into your home. There is a relatively safe mechanism set in place within your plumbing that keeps these gases from entering your home, but nothing is 100 percent fail-safe. If the bad smell is constant, this could mean that these gases are escaping. Some of these can be poisonous like hydrogen sulfide, which can lead to eye irritation or faint spells. You will need to talk to a plumber to find out what the problem is should you suspect this issue.

These are just some of the smells that might be affecting your home. If you are dealing with other smells, it would be wise to consult with a home inspector who can offer additional assistance.