Being a new parent is blissful yet overwhelming as a new life has been added to your family, and you want to make sure that your little one gets all the happiness in the world. You are required to take some extra care as the tiny little being is quite fragile and cannot communicate their problems with you. The first few months with your newborn can be full of challenges, especially for first-time parents. It can be exhausting to take care of a new life, but 808 is a wonderful experience at the same time. Therefore, to save you from a lot of hassle, Below listed are some newborn baby care tips:

  1. Feeding

It is crucial to note that a newborn should be fed every 2 to 3 hours with breast milk for the first 6 months. The baby requires the vital nutrients and antibodies contained in breast milk for growth and development. Make sure that the baby latches on to your breasts family and starts sucking. If your breast feels a little less full after feeding your baby, it indicates that a baby is getting enough milk. In case you are unable to feed breast milk to your baby, the doctor’s recommended milk formula and feed as directed.

  1. Take care of their fragile skin

Newborn baby skin is very delicate and soft, hence requires extra protection and care. Ensure that the lotions you use on your baby’s skin are chemical-free and fragrance-free; hence, keeping the baby’s skin hydrated with natural body lotion is essential. Give your baby a gentle massage all over their body to relax your muscles and let the body lotion soak in their skin. Additionally, diaper rashes are very common in the first month of a newborn baby, thus use organic diaper rash creams to prevent the spread of rash and irritation.

  1. Burping

Fewer movements of a newborn baby cause gas in their tummies; thus, they need to be burped to expel this excess air. Burping often aids digestion and also prevents spit-ups. Hold the baby gently against your chest and rest their chin on your shoulder. Now start patting their back gently with your hand until they burp.

  1. Hold them properly

Since the body of a newborn baby in the first month is very fragile, it has to be handled with utmost care. It is crucial to support your baby’s head and neck while holding them as their neck muscles aren’t strong enough to hold themselves up.

  1. Bathing

It is quite a delicate task to bathe a newborn baby, Which can be delayed in certain situations, such as if the temperature is very low or the baby’s birth weight is low. It is recommended to a baby two to three times a week after the cord has fallen off. But before planning to bathe your baby, make sure to keep all the baking and changing essentials ready. Some common supplies needed before bathing your baby are lukewarm water, infant bathtub, mild soap or body wash, soft towel, new diaper, mild baby lotion or cream, and fresh baby clothes. Do not forget to support your baby’s neck and head gently or get someone to hold the baby while you bathe them. Clean your baby’s genitals properly as they are more prone to infection and diaper rashes. Moreover, gently clean the baby’s scalp, neck, hair, and face to remove any dried mucus. After bathing, pat them dry with a soft towel, apply a mild lotion, and put on diapers and clean clothes.

  1. Right kind of clothes
  1. Diapering

The baby’s delicate skin is highly prone to diaper rashes; thus, it is recommended to change their diapers frequently. Keep checking their diapers and change immediately if you feel them to be full. Do not get surprised even if you are changing it 10 times a day. Before changing your baby’s diaper, keep them without a diaper for some time to let their skin breathe and get dried naturally. Get a fresh diaper, changing sheet, organic diaper wipes, baby powder, and diaper rash cream ready before changing your baby’s diaper.

 Follow the essential parenting tips to keep your baby clean and healthy!