An injury can knock you for six. Recovery may take weeks, even months. If you’ve been injured, here are some tips to help you feel human again.


For the first few days after an injury, you may want to do nothing but lie in bed and watch films. However, doing nothing can become boring very quickly. Resist the temptation to try and do too much too soon. If you start trying to do household chores or you’re desperate to get back to work, you could set yourself back. Listen to advice from health professionals, and try and be patient. If you’ve got cabin fever, take a trip out, but make sure there are people there to help you. If you’ve got crutches, for example, ask a friend to come and help you take the dog for a short walk. Or pop down the road to a cafe for a coffee with a family member. A change of scenery can do you a power of good.

Moving again

Rest is often the first stage of recovery. However, you’ll often find that doctors and physical therapists will encourage you to move as soon as possible. This is not to be confused with getting back to normal. You’ll need to progress very slowly and gradually and build up strength again. If you’ve started physical therapy, you will probably be given exercises to try at home. When you’re strong enough, stretching can help to increase flexibility. It can also condition your joints and muscles to reduce the risk of further injury.

Before you start training again, you need to make sure you’re well on the road to recovery. Bear your doctor’s advice in mind. Don’t rush into anything. If you try and run before you can walk, this can do further damage and set you back. You may be advised to try gentle exercises and to wear copper wear sleeves. These protective bandages aid healing, and promote recovery.

When you get back to normal life, listen to your body. If you’re tired or you’ve got pain, take it easy. If you need to work half-days or you’re struggling with the commute, speak to your boss.



Having an injury can get you down. If you can’t go out and about and you’ve had to take time off work, you may get bored of your own company. If this is the case, get people to come to you. Organize a film night, or ask friends to pop over so that you can catch up. Spending time with others can lift your mood and prevent boredom.


An injury can put you out of action for a long period of time. If you’re nursing an injury at home, try and take these tips on board. Listen to your doctor and advice from your physical therapist. Do the exercises and stretches they recommend. Take your time. Healing is never instant. If you’re feeling down or you’re bored of being housebound, get some friends over, and ask them to help you get out for a bit.