Numerology and Business – How They Are Connected

Numerology is a divine or mystical relationship between numbers and coinciding events. Although numerology is not rooted in science, a lot of people believe that numbers play an important role in understanding and determining their future.

It’s believed by a lot of people that numbers are associated with certain characteristics and can help in decoding destinies. Many successful businesses and individuals staunchly believe that certain numbers can work magic for them. And numbers actually have been lucky for them and helped them achieve success.

Taylor Swift, a very popular singer and songwriter, considers the number 13 lucky. She has gone on record several times claiming it to be her favorite number. She also incorporates her lucky number into the length of her music and other creative endeavors.

The most popularly practiced numerology is based on the teachings of the ancient Greek philosopher, Pythagoras. According to him, numbers 1-9 have a specific and unique frequency and numerology explains the meaning behind them.

Once you begin to learn what your numbers say about you, it becomes hard to overlook the ancient wisdom of numerology.

If you’re looking to start a business or have one up & running already, then you should definitely read further to understand the real math behind the recipe of success.

Understanding Your Life Path Number

Your life path number is calculated according to your birth date. It accounts for 75% of everything that happens in your life. The numbers have different characteristics; while some are more creative, others are considered analytical or logical. Understanding your life path number can help figure out your strong areas. And then you can take that information to develop your business around those areas.

Your Business Name and Number

A numerological calculation of your business name can become a powerful tool in understanding the forces that influence the success of your business and its ultimate purpose. While some numbers like an equalized 2 signify partnerships and networking, others like 6 signify teaching and healing.

Popular Conglomerates like Google and Amazon are built on searching and exploring the unknown and are based on the numerological number 7. You can refer to numerology sites to understand the influence and meaning of these numbers individually.

The Impact of Years, Months, and Days

Just like names, particular years, months, or days can also have a numerological significance. They can signify a shift in the tides making specific time periods fruitful.  Understanding the impact of different time periods on your business will help you prepare and can help boost the growth of your business as well. Every time period comes with its own set of opportunities and challenges and numerology helps in decoding both so you can make the most out of that period.

The Dynamics of Numbers

Different time periods can signify different journeys for people even if their stars are aligned similarly. While a particular period might mean prosperity for some, it can signify meaningful relationships for others. The impact of numbers on your life path number can vary according to your circumstances and thus comparing yourself in this process will prove fruitless.

Focusing on your own journey and following your life path are important aspects to decode numerology.

Understanding Yourself

Understanding your purpose and motivation and accordingly consulting numerology to make your business decisions is a good way to progress. Numerology can definitely be a guideline but it cannot be a path. It can enlighten you to opportunities but you have to find your own way there through consistent hard work and practice. Numerology cannot replace efforts, but it can simply boost them.

In Conclusion

According to great numerologist Tai Soleil – “Life path numbers help us understand the physical world and where we are going in life.”

While a lot of people may consider numerology to be a pseudoscience with no real value, the truth is that numbers impact our lives in unknowable ways.

Numerology is an ancient science rooted in finding the patterns of the universe. A lot of cultures like Chinese and Islam still practice numerology and place a lot of emphasis on the impact of numbers. For example in Indian culture, weddings are set on auspicious dates calculated by astrologers as per the astrological birth charts of both the bride and groom.

While mathematicians and scientists staunchly deny any correlation of fate with numbers, firm believers of numerology claim that the power of numbers impacts our daily lives.

Marcus du Sautoy, a distinguished Oxford professor of mathematics, believes athletes like Beckham who wear “powerful” prime numbers on their shirts perform better than those who do not. Outlining his theory in a lecture earlier this year, Du Sautoy said: “Sport is about psychology and if you genuinely believe there is something powerful about your number then there is no doubt you will play better.”

Maybe it is psychological or maybe it is real but it’s hard to deny the impact numbers can have on your life. So if you’re feeling lost and are looking for some direction for your business then maybe turning to numerology is not a bad idea.