While the world said that the New York fashion week might be losing its charm, it indeed came back with a bang. People used to go to London for creativity, now it is seen in New York, Brooklyn, Uptown, and Manhattan. The cultural shift that has taken place over the last few months was adequately portrayed. Women have emerged as powerful, and in control over the last few months, it has been all about changing the narrative, and that was what was seen in this season on the runway. Alexander Wang named his whole collection “Boss Women”. The 80’s and 90’s trends were seen again as that was the time that women actually emerged in the workforce and this was definitely on the designer’s mind. Another significant aspect that was seen was that there was no specific body type; many new designers introduced many body types on the runway this year.

 Accessories :

Accessories were a big part of the fashion week this year, while the past year focused more on a minimalistic look this year accessories are back in fashion. The 90’s oversized hair clips were seen at many sessions, and so were waist belts. Apart from that, there were a long of ear accessories. While last year the designers went for a more minimalistic look this year accessories reined the fashion show. Statement earrings are sure to be seen around this year as we saw at Tom Ford. Wigs and hats were also accessorized with the runway looks that gave the whole week and extremely trendy vibe.

Scarfs and coats :

Many incredible coats were to be seen on every runway whether it was Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford or Calvin Klein. There were coats for every season, for work, for winter, for formal and casual settings. Scarfs were a significant part of the fashion show too. Oversized scarfs were seen at many runways. Harrison Wong, Anveglosa, Shabeeg, Vivi Zubedi, Dan Liu are few designers that introduced the scarfs on the runway.

Spa Robes :

The spa robe is one of the most comfortable red carpet trends this year. It was seen a great deal on the runway at the New York fashion week. The runway look was paired with intricate jewelry and high heels. The look was replicated by many famous people such as CL, Rita Ora, and Versace, etc.

While some carried white robes in different lengths, others wore robes with printed butterflies. However, the look, in short, has created a great uproar in the fashion industries as we see famous personalities carrying the trend on. You check some fabulous spa robes at Plush Necessities.

Long and transparent :

Long shirts were also to be seen on the runway. Plaid and checkers shirts with long sleeves and denim with long sleeves were to be seen throughout the fashion week. Apart from that transparency was another look that the runway promoted this year. Transparent dresses and skirts were seen this year.

Shirts with lace, ruffles, and strings were a significant statement. The colors that seemed to stand out this year were lavender and pink.