New Year New You: How to Begin Working on Personal Growth

New Year’s resolutions are something many of us think about and usually pertain to our outer selves such as losing weight, becoming more physically active, quitting smoking, vowing to dress better, etc. While those exterior motivations are all fine and dandy, going beyond the surface can have an impact on developing a new you. It’s what’s on the inside that counts, and personal growth is all about improvement whether it’s a strength or a weakness.

Connecting To Self
Most folks today are running on all cylinders and leading busy lifestyles. Trying to maintain a balance can be quite challenging. Oftentimes, we forget ourselves in the mix because we’re trying to be all things to all people.

Personal growth allows you to connect with your inner self and to get to know yourself better. It’s taking some “me time” to help you improve your life.

Making Gratitude The Attitude
Professional life coaches will be the first to say that attitude is everything, and one of the best places to start is looking at the blessings you have in your life whether they are small or large.

An attitude of gratitude can transform your life, and when you associate yourself with appreciation, kindness, and love, you will attract the same.

Not every situation is perfect, and you can even learn how to get along with your ex-wife and peacefully co-exist.

Finding That Quiet Space
When it comes to cultivating personal growth, many experts believe in the power of meditation. In time, you can learn to release your old self, old thoughts, behaviors, emotions, and patterns that no longer serve you.

Practicing mindfulness can help you manifest your dreams and let go of stress, bad thoughts, anxiety, and frustration. It’s an excellent self-care practice.

You can tune into the energy of your heart center when you meditate, and it is open to all. Mindful meditation is one simple way to start.

Setting Boundaries Is Okay
Another method of working on personal growth involves creating boundaries. Maybe you have some boundaries in your relationships but not enough.

When you have a clear set of boundaries, these personal fences allow you to move freely through life in a safe manner that protects your needs and your desires.

How do you speak up for yourself? What makes you happy? Answering questions like these can assist you in setting healthy boundaries.

Feeding Your Brain Matters
This step sounds too simple for cultivating successful personal growth, but it helps in the process.

Reading books are great for self-improvement. You’re not only gaining knowledge, but you’re feeding your brain and expanding your perspective about life, especially when picking up self-help books. There are tons of self-help books out there on a variety of topics to read at any age and still benefit from their wisdom.

Science has shown us that by reading books daily, you become more intelligent, increase your brain power and keep your mind sharper longer.

Curbing Messaging Apps
Digital technology can be a beautiful and convenient thing, but you also need time away from your messaging apps, for example.

Let’s be honest, you can waste tons of time when having messaging apps open as a default.

Texting and texting nonstop on your smartphone could be time better spent on self-improvement skills. Try and find a healthy balance, say behavioral experts.

Choosing A Life Coach/Mentor
Some professionals can inspire and empower any of us who are determined to start a personal growth journey. There are workshops to help you stay on track and set goals to improve your life.

It’s possible to get where you want to be, and a life coach, therapist, or mentor can often help you navigate on the right path.

The new year is fast approaching, and it’s time for finding your inner strength and personal growth development. You have many options in achieving a healthy balance and learning about self-care. You can still mark New Year’s resolutions for shedding pounds, quitting cigarettes, and other habits, but don’t forget that a healthy body, mind, and soul go together in helping to define who you are and want to be.