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When children near school age, most people automatically think of one thing: public school. It’s the standard option, often the easiest to access, and it’s free. But it’s not necessarily the right option for all kids. Private school might be out of the budget, so what’s left?

There are other options, such as homeschooling or online education. In the question of homeschool vs public school, how do you know whether homeschooling or online learning might be right for your child? Here are a few reasons that a non-traditional option might be right for your kids.

He Doesn’t Feel Safe at School

Whether your child is being bullied by a student, isn’t getting the help he needs from his teacher, or otherwise feels unsafe, this feeling can create stress that makes learning difficult, if not impossible. If he doesn’t feel safe, he’ll be unable to concentrate because he’s constantly worried. A non-traditional option can eliminate this feeling and make it easier for him to focus on school.

She Learns in a Way that Isn’t Used at School

There are many ways people learn. Some learn best by reading, some by hearing, and some by doing. Some people learn from a combination of these. Traditional public schools teach by using methods that, in theory, work best for a classroom full of students.

What might work in an overall sense, however, might not work for your child individually. A non-traditional option like homeschooling or online school can be customized to work with your child’s learning style to ensure that she gets the most out of her education, rather than struggling.

He Needs More Flexibility

Some kids need a lot of sleep, while others don’t need much. Some are night owls, and others are early birds. Some would rather do a little school when they wake up, a little more after dinner, and spend the time in between following their own interests.

Homeschooling and online school allow for this with the flexibility in scheduling. While online school may occasionally have a real-time class or two that your child needs to attend at a specific time, it still allows for a much greater flexibility that can benefit your child’s needs.

She’s Ahead or Behind Grade Level

She might be a gifted student who is bored and unchallenged by public school, even in their gifted program. Or maybe she’s struggling and behind due to a learning disability, an illness that kept her out of school, or other reasons.

Whichever end of the spectrum, homeschooling and online school allow you to customize her education. You can challenge a student who’s ahead, while backing up a bit and changing approach for one who is struggling.

They Want to Pursue an Outside Activity

Maybe your child wants to be an Olympic gymnast, or is rapidly rising through the ranks in martial arts. There are outside interests that require a significant amount of time, and often a unique schedule for training and traveling to competitions, auditions, and other related events. Homeschooling or online education allows for this pursuit while still getting a quality education.

You Want Stability

Over the last few years, there have been many changes in public school. Policy changes regarding what is taught and when, and financial changes that have cut funding for art, music or physical education, have left many parents feeling that the education is lacking. Homeschooling and online school allows you to teach a stable curriculum, including the subjects you want, while being unaffected by changes going on in the school system.

Parents know their children best. If you feel that a non-traditional option is right for your child, you’re probably right. Take some time to research and find the right choice for your child.