New or old – what car to buy?

Buying a car can be a very exciting phase of one’s life. Whether the purchase is of a new car or an old one is a valid one as each has its own pros and cons. Let’s examine both aspects and take a close look at the points to be considered before deciding what car to buy – new or old.

Buying a new car is said to be relatively easier. Of course, the budget part of it is the tougher piece to handle. But once we get that out of the way, the challenges then become more of a pleasant experience.

The case for new cars can be many. Firstly, the buyer gets a wider choice from all the new brands and options available. Depending on the budget and the requirement, there is a plethora of choices in front of the customer. If you are looking for used cars –

With modernity comes the advantage of the latest technology. For those who are particular about the latest gizmos and features, only a new car can cater to that. Also, new technology also gives the benefit of lower maintenance. The cars that are manufactured these days are virtually trouble free and hardly require the kind of attention that the automobiles of yesteryear demanded.

Even from the fiscal standpoint, a new purchase would mean an edge in terms of ready financing. Car loans and hire purchase schemes abound in the market and are available at all dealer establishments.

Finally, no one can dispute the fact that a new car is capable of giving the kind of emotional satisfaction that a second hand purchase just cannot give. It is often said by car lovers and enthusiasts that the smell of the inside of a new car is an aroma that is as precious as the vehicle itself is.

However, there are some advantages attached to an old car purchase too. Firstly, for those on a tighter budget, buying a used car can mean a lower ticket size. This is especially the preferred route for those looking to possess a second or third car in the family. Of course, old cars are sought by a lot of people active in the taxi and cab industry. While on the subject of cost, there is also lesser burden of depreciation attached with an old car.

And there is a trend of giving longer warranty periods that make a case for buying used car.
Hence, buying a used car also is less risky. Finally, there is no wait period for popular models, as is the case with new cars.

Both new and old car purchases have their respective pros and cons. It is up to the individual user to weigh the options and make an informed decision.
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