Loss is invariably accompanied by an outpouring of grief and sorrow. Fortunately, there are numerous ways you can honor and cherish a loved one’s memory. When someone passes on, they leave a space behind. In some ways, the only way through is to respect and confront the space they left behind. Every person is different and you will need to tailor your grieving process to your own needs. However, here are some beautiful ideas on how you can commemorate someone you hold near and dear to your heart.

Plant a Tree

When one life ends, it gives way to another. If you subscribe to this notion, planting a tree in your loved one’s name is a great way to maintain their everlasting beauty. When the tree blossoms, know that it’s your loved one’s way of telling you that their life lives on in the beyond. Whether you or not you believe in an afterlife, taking care of something alive can remind you of the cycles of nature. Life necessitates death, but death also creates life. Consider keeping any fallen leaves or branches to symbolize their ashes and eternal existence.

Keep Their Clothing

Even if you aren’t the same size, keeping your loved one’s clothes will undoubtedly bring you comfort. Looking at a certain article of clothing may bring you back to a specific memory, making for a sweet and nostalgic moment. After all, your loved one’s clothes and accessories were big parts of their life. By donning one of their favorite shirts or pair of jeans, you’re reconnecting with them.

Bullet Necklace for Ashes

One way to keep a departed friend or family member close is to wear their remains around your neck in a bullet necklace for ashes. These are elegant pieces of jewelry that contain an inner chamber for you to store your loved one’s ashes in. The stainless steel design offers sophistication and durability, and you’ll find great solace in knowing that your loved one is never far.

Create a Shrine

Gather trinkets, notes, and any items of memorabilia that remind you of your loved one. Find a corner of your house, room, or shared space where you can display these items. The finished product will no doubt evoke strong emotions, and if you ever want to feel close to them, you can visit the shrine. There are many ways to think about how best to create a shrine. You can keep it small, able to be put away or incorporate it as part of their grave marker or urn. You’ll want to think about what is best for your grieving process and what will best facilitate both your remembering and your letting go. Though your loved one may not be physically around, their presence will endure forever.

If you’re grappling with the loss of a loved one, know that you’re not alone. You may find it challenging to overcome the hardships that await you, but you don’t have to brave these battles solo. Your family, friends, and means of remembrance can help you through. By finding ways to remember your loved ones, you’ll always have a piece of them with you.