They say odour is more powerful than words! A pleasant fragrance can actually please your senses and bring out the best side of you, while a stinking one is enough to distract your happy thoughts and make you throw up! Especially in a closed area like a car! A car basically smells of everything – from your stinky gym clothes to the leather shoes you wear, from the fuel you just filled in to the fries you devoured yesterday! Or even the scent your girlfriend was wearing and the aftershave your boyfriend used!

But even though the slideshow of fragrances and bad odours do continue to happen in your car, you obviously want it to smell the best always. Especially if you are a frequent traveller (or like to spend time with your Valentines in your car)! And that is why it’s pleasant fragrance and wonderful ambience isn’t a less serious affair for you. That brings us to the need of good air fresheners to put in your car.

Things to keep in mind when you are buying an air freshener!

An air freshener should be anything but sickening! We know you wouldn’t believe so until you’ve had this nasty experience yourself. But there have been cases when people did buy an overwhelming car air freshener and it did act as a boomerang. Or, they simply bought one that was too subtle (and hence too cheap) and didn’t even last until the next drive. So, if you don’t want to make these grave mistakes, read on:

  • Check the ingredientsThe potion you are purchasing as your car air freshener from Radial Life, that has a variety of air fresheners to suit all your moods and cars, have different ingredients listed on them. You can check the one that seems to suit you the most, and avoid the ones you are allergic to. This gives you the option to rule out the ones having alcohol or other such ingredients that can prove dangerous when used in confined areas of a car.
  • Types of car air freshenersThere are a plethora of car fragrance options available in the market, pick your choice. Like, if you opt for the hanging air freshener, or a stick or oil wicks, these mostly don’t cost you much, and just serve their purpose of spreading fragrance. While the ones like gel or bottled air fresheners, coming in alluring aroma, not only grant you a pleasant ambience, but also gives a sophisticated look to your car.
  • The flavours for allSay, if you like jasmine and your partner loves lavender, then you would be in a fix. Also, some of you would be having children — and they can’t breathe steadily in a very strong fragrance! Or you may develop a headache due to a sharp odour. Thus, check for the maximum votes and opt for a flavour that suits all.
  • Longevity You wouldn’t surely invest in a classy bottle of a car air freshener that doesn’t last even for a week! Or, the bottle is long lasting, but the fragrance wears off within minutes in the car. Opt for the one that’s of good quality and stays with you serving the purpose for long. 

Apart from these, try checking the reviews of the same and keep fluctuating the flavours according to the seasons. If these all are followed well, we guarantee you would always get a charming ambience in your car!