Need Pain Relief Quickly? Here’s a Few Tips & Tricks

Many types of pain have a purpose. Without it alerting you to potential issues, you may not know to seek medical treatment. However, when the pain becomes too uncomfortable, you will want to find ways to treat the discomfort. Here are five quick and easy ways to manage pain so that you can get on with your life.

Alternate Cold and Heat

The tried and true method of alternating cold and heat is one of the best ways to treat pain immediately without having to rely on invasive procedures or medications. Most healthcare professionals will recommend using cold and then heat for acute injuries.
By lowering the body temperature through the use of cold therapy, blood vessels will constrict, swelling will reduce, and inflammation will decrease. In contrast, heat therapy will boost tissue healing while also preventing further recurrence of the pain. Together, the two types of therapies provide a powerful tool in your arsenal of techniques to battle pain.

Look Into CBD

There is a reason why CBD has become one of the most popular ways to treat pain without having to deal with lingering side effects. CBD helps to keep the body from absorbing anandamide. It is this compound that is associated with pain regulation.
One of the most significant benefits of using CBD to treat pain is that the research shows that the body does not build up a tolerance to the treatment. This means that you are not always having to dust the dosage upwards in order to see its effects.
By using a CBD delivery in San Diego service or something similar, you will gain access to this treatment in no time at all without even having to leave your home. These products come in a variety of forms, allowing you to personalize your pain treatment plan using the CBD that is the most appealing to you and your specific needs.

Therapeutic Massage

While many people see massage only as an indulgence, this practice can also be instrumental in helping to treat various types of body pain. A trained massage professional will be able to work the tension out of the muscles and joints, bringing about pain relief. This type of massage will introduce new sensations to the body that may be helpful in overriding the pain signals.
One of the best things about massage treatment is that you can use varying degrees of pressure to treat the issue, allowing you to customize the session for your specific pain. The right masseuse will be able to devise a treatment plan that provides the highest amount of relief to you.


Many people find great relief from pain through the use of meditation. As you shift the focus of your mind to something calm and relaxing, the inflammation in the body will begin to reduce. As this happens, the body will not be releasing as many stress hormones into the bloodstream. This will help to treat pain immediately.
Some individuals shy away from meditation as a treatment for pain because they worry that they are going to do it the wrong way. Keep in mind that there is no wrong way to meditate. This is not a scripted event. Instead, follow what feels natural to you as you relax your mind and body.


Although it may seem counterproductive, exercise is one of the cornerstones of effective pain relief. As you move your body, you will begin to produce endorphins. This hormone then works to increase your tolerance of pain. As the endorphins interact with receptors in the brain, your own perception of pain begins to change so that your threshold is raised.
It is important to not overdo the exercise. Doing so could possibly aggravate the situation further. Instead, start slowly and work your way up to a level that is comfortable to you but that also provides pain relief. Gentle stretching exercises are a good place to start your exercise journey if pain relief is your goal.
You do not have to accept pain as a part of your life. With the right treatments, you can be well on your way to minimizing this discomfort as quickly and as easily as possible.