The Movie is one of the big bones for people and it shows some of the real characters in life. This would provide a better solution for people in confused state. It is used as an entertainment purpose. People would like to watch the movies to make a free mind to keep away tension in life. Some people would like to spend lovely time with loved ones by watching movies. Some people will be watching the movie for spending their pass time. There are different types of movies are getting released on a daily basis. Some of the movies will satisfy audience and some of the movies will not satisfy the audience. The mentality of audience will differ from one people to another people. In order to bring a successful story in the screen, director of the movie should understand well about audience. Some of the directors are taking the movie in the audience point of view in order to gain success.

Earlier Option Of Movie Review:

Earlier days, some report will be asking review to the audience after finish watching the movie at theatre hall. They will be sharing their thought about the movie but it will not contain detailed feedback about it. There are also experienced individuals in movie making who is also in charge of promoting review about the movie. The success of the movie is based on these reviews. Now, movie review is happening through online website. There are many online website available in internet that would help movie in promoting and marketing it. They will be providing detailed review about the movie under each category.

How Movie Reviews Are Rated?

They will be writing reviews on first half, second half, director’s talent, performance, technicians, and, final verdict of the movie. This also contains information about starring, music director, and director of the movie. Based on these reviews, they will rate a movie on five point or ten point scale. They will also provide comment box where audience can able to post their comment about the movie or rating score as well. This rating and review would make director, producer, starring, and other people to improve on their next project. The movieclickz is one of the popular movie review website. It contains only tamil movies. They will be rating the movie in a genuine manner. They will also publish articles and news about upcoming movie and popular gossip in tamil film industry. This would promote a movie before and after releasing in the theatre. The movie clickz reviews will be written by trained people who have adequate knowledge in cinema creation, editing, and processing. They are experienced with other great workers in the film industry. There are some of the people who are from film industry will be providing timely help in order to build a review about the movie. Mostly they will be sitting with audience and director to write about article about the movie. This would be same like reviews publishing in the newspaper. This way has become more popular among people as they are using internet at most of the time.