Home is the one place we can truly be ourselves and do whatever we like. It is our haven from public life, offering refuge and respite. If you want your home to provide more comfort and relaxation, you might want to consider these simple changes.

Update the Décor

If you have not redecorated your house in a few years, it may be time to redo your décor. You don’t need to make major costly changes. Just repaint a few rooms with neutral or relaxing colors to make those areas soothing for when you come home from a hectic day at work or when you read stressful news stories online. Add living green plants like ferns or blossoming florals to uplift your mood. You might want to include a few splashes of more vibrant color in your favorite shades as throw pillows or accent rugs.

Enhance Your Bathroom

Since we spend significant time in the bathroom each for a variety of grooming and hygiene tasks, organize a few bathroom renovations to create a pleasant space. New blinds or window coverings, an upgraded vanity mirror with lighting, and a new tub or shower with a coordinating sink, toilet, or bidet can give your bathroom a spa feel. Include a manicure or pedicure set for a relaxing afternoon or when you want to look your best for an upcoming event.

Create a Fun Space

Every home should have a room or area designated simply for recreation and leisure. This could be the family room, a game room, or a computer room. It could also be a general space like a refinished basement with a mini-bar for refreshments and stacks of board games for old-fashioned fun. Books and magazines for quiet leisure readings or DVDs for family gatherings can make this a special place for individuals or the whole family.

If you have a hobby, consider designating a room for that hobby. For example, if you like to sew, make a sewing room. If you play music, soundproof a room and make it your music room. If exercising relaxes you, put together a home gym. Having a space set aside for your hobby can help you disconnect from the concerns of the day and focus on what you love.

Design a Comfortable Outdoor Area

Maximize an outside area like a porch or patio for seasonal fun. You could buy a used picnic table or lawn chairs for the yard along with water toys and a sprinkler for the kids. Small hanging lights can be draped over a fence or hung on trees and shrubs to create a festive mood. A grill or a firepit makes a natural centerpiece for outdoor dining and gatherings.

Your home should be someone you can relax and rejuvenate after a hard day. If you aren’t using your home to its potential, you won’t be as prepared for the coming days as you could be. Make plans to enjoy your home more than ever, especially if you are spending more time there than usual. Optimize your home’s best features to enhance family enjoyment and recreation.