Whether acute or chronic, neck pain can be caused by trauma from accidents, poor sleeping or sitting posture, or violent acts. The neck is an essential part of your body that allows you to turn your head. Because it holds a lot of weight, experiencing pain becomes inevitable when it is wrongly positioned. So if you or your loved one is complaining of neck pain, Dr. Tom Marinaro and his team of specialists at Pain Relief Center LA can help. But first, you need to find out what to expect during your Los Angeles neck pain therapy.

Types of neck pain

When your neck is in pain, you may notice various symptoms including pain that worsens when you position your head in a specific way. You may be working on a computer, doing house chores, or driving. Sometimes, you may experience muscle tightness or spasms. In other cases, having a headache can also be a symptom of neck pain.

What happens during neck pain diagnosis

Before your doctor recommends a specific neck pain therapy, they will perform diagnostic procedures to establish what caused it. Your doctor will ask you questions including when the pain started, how long the pain has lasted, whether an injury caused it, and whether coughing or sneezing worsens the pain.

Your pain specialists have access to tools that can establish the severity of your ache. They include X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, or blood tests. That way, they can recommend an ideal form of treatment to help you treat your pain.

What happens during neck pain therapy?

Once your specialist has established the cause of your pain, they may recommend treatments or therapies such as physiotherapy, muscle relaxants, or padded neck collar. Unless your pain is injury-relates, then there isn’t any need for you to get shots of cortisone or surgery.

How you respond to treatment determines whether you will need to go back for a review or not. It is advisable to take pain relievers prescribed by your doctor to help you ease the pain. Remember, pain killers can become addictive and less-helpful when you don’t take them according to your doctor’s instructions.

To get quick relief, it is advisable to compress an ice pack on your neck for the first two to three days to reduce swelling. After that, use moist heat or a heating pad to speed up the healing process. If your neck pain is posture-related, then it is advisable to stretch your neck muscles. When all these measures become futile, you can visit a chiropractor to get neck massages.

See a neck pain therapist for assistance

Seasoned or chronic neck pains can be symptoms of other underlying conditions that can be prevented when you make prompt visits to a neck care specialist. You don’t have to bear with the pain just because it keeps coming and going away. Always make a habit of seeing a specialist before it gets worse. If you or someone you love is experiencing neck pain, see your doctor for medical advice.

Acute neck pain that lasts a few weeks may be the result of fatigued muscles from overuse or poor posture.  As part of your chiropractic care for neck pain, you can benefit from the other therapeutic treatments available at Pain Relief Center LA. Dr. Marinaro offers massage therapy, acupuncture, and vitamin supplements that support your overall health.

If your neck pain makes it too difficult for you to travel to the office for care, Dr. Marinaro offers concierge-style, mobile chiropractic treatments conveniently in your own home. He brings routine chiropractic care to you directly, so you don’t have to arrange transportation.