As businesses move from office to home, demand for NEC Enterprise’s Smart Home Working Solutions Soars.

The world having come to a halt with millions of businesses shut, the remaining have been forced to have their employees work from home. Given the nature of today’s businesses working from home without an adequate home office solution is quite a challenge.

On switching to a business phone system like the SV9100, you will find that your business communications have been simplified. You will enjoy several advantages of consolidating your communications such as advanced call management features with the MyCalls suite of applications and an exclusive multimedia contact centre which creates a stellar experience for customers via coordinated email, live web chat, WhatsApp and voice via a single interface.

Business phone systems are no longer built to serve the singular purpose of making or receiving calls. With advanced technology capabilities, SME phone systems are the future. Their unified communication systems enable employees to communicate through multiple channels – from phone, to text, to video. Additionally, the latest SME phone systems include a wealth of features such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR), predictive dialing, call routing and other CRM focused integrations. These systems also offer unmatched levels of analytics which maximises communications and delivers actionable insights thereby making it much simpler for sales staff to liaise with customers.

Given the insecure environment outside workplace and company secrets at risk, NEC Enterprise brings SMB Phone Solutions and Small Business VoIP solutions for small and medium businesses.

NEC Enterprise Solutions, has a range of SME phone systems and small business VoIP solutions with options ideal for most businesses including home working operations.

Two popular SMB Phone System Solutions are: –

SL2100 – Cost effective with VoIP abilities or a resilient TDM solution with future-proof upgrade potential, it puts Unified Communications within reach of small businesses. Lesser hardware, lesser licenses and lesser maintenance while being very easy on the budget with enterprise-grade UCC and mobility.

UNIVERGE SV9100 – Cost-effective from 10 to 896 users, it uses SIP technology which future-proofs the customers’ investment. The remote working and mobility capabilities are considerable: It makes the smartphone just like a desk-phone with Mobile Extension.It’s IP DECT range provides the ultimate devices for voice, text messaging and in-house mobility and theWi-Fi handsets ensure smooth communications with your colleagues and customers.

NEC Enterprise Solutions About:

NEC ENTERPRISE is an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) leader with nearly 120 years of expertise. NEC combines its advanced technologies, phone systems and knowledge to help ensure the safety, security, efficiency and equality of society ― enabling people to live brighter, more enriched lives.

Employees at a small business are likely to be multitasking. In spite of the fast paced work environment, it is imperative that daily operations are professional especially when they involve customer interfacing. An SME phone system is a powerful tool to help with just that! The SV9100 can route calls swiftly and accurately, set up automated assistants and use high-quality voicemail and call notifications. Collectively, these features have the ability to keep track of all customers’ needs thereby helping your project succeed.

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