Healthcare, in general, can be difficult to navigate even when you aren’t a military family. It can be confusing enough to navigate the insurance and healthcare maze as a regular family, and sometimes understand options for military families can be even more confusing. But do not worry. There are lots of options that are available for those that are currently or have served their country. Navigating the dental health maze does not have to be difficult or time consuming. Here are some of the more common options that are available to help you get dental coverage for your whole family.

Status Options

To begin with, it is important for you to understand your coverage options. Your current status in the military determines the type of coverage and the level of assistance in which you qualify. The categories are broken down into whether you’re active, retired, or survivorship. Even if you are in the reserve, you still qualify for the same type of dental care as those that are currently on active duty. When you’re stationed abroad, there are still options that can work for you and your family without having to return to the states.  Learn what your status options are to best understand your coverage.

VA Coverage

Visiting your local VA may be where you can receive most of your dental benefits. This provides you with the opportunity to seek dental care without having to worry about signing up for dental insurance through some other provider. In some cases, your family may also be able to receive dental care at a VA clinic. Just as with any type of dental clinic, you’ll need to make an appointment and give them your information so that they can verify your benefits.

Assistance Programs

Even with healthcare and insurance, it can be difficult to pay for treatment. There are programs that allow you to visit your dentist of choice by enrolling in a dental plan that’s subsidized by the government. There are several options if you decide to go this route. This option will allow you to retain continuity of care for yourself and the rest of your family. Another good thing about this type of program is that you’ll be able to visit a clinic that may be closer to your home or even select one that’s covered when you’re outside of the United States. Look into assistance programs to help you cover the cost of treatment for dental and physical health.

Dependent Coverage

As with many types of health plans, dependent coverage is an option. There are even programs that are available for extended members of your family. This could include grandchildren for when you’ve decided to retire from the military. The level of coverage that you want will dictate the price. In some instances, your dependents can be covered for a reduced charge. This will depend on your status and the state in which you live. Look into your current plan and state regulations to better understand your options here.

Dental and medical care for military families can be difficult to navigate. However, difficult does not mean impossible Use these tips to start you down the path to making the right choice for your family. As a military family, you and your loved ones deserve to have healthy smiles.