Inflammation is the key driver behind most diseases and many common ones such as diabetes, arthritis and cancers. In some cases, inflammation is a normal bodily response to injury and necessary to engage a swift recovery. However over the last 50 years more and more people are experiencing chronic inflammation, or too much for our body to deal with. The chronic inflammation is the inflammation that doesn’t go away or lasts for extended periods of time. It is the inflammation that causes aches and pains every day, a constant sore lower back and the slow decline of your eyesight. Even worse than this is the silent inflammation going on inside us without us realizing, only giving us the odd hint in the form of bloating or abdominal discomfort. This silent inflammation is the one that is continually causing damage inside our bodies, destroying cells and resulting in premature aging.


In order to control chronic inflammation, we need adequate levels of Antioxidants, whether it be through our diet, high in fruit and vegetables or through an antioxidant supplement. Unfortunately, the quality of our fruit and vegetables is not what is once was, giving us fewer nutrients and often contaminated with toxic pesticides and herbicides that result in inflammation. Due to the lower levels of antioxidants we’re getting in our food and the polluted environments many of us live in, most of us should be taking an antioxidant supplement to help fight free radicals and lower inflammation. When we supplement an antioxidant such as Astaxanthin, we’re boosting our body’s natural free radical fighting army, giving it the ability to fight inflammation and lessen our aches pains, and slow down cell damage.

Astaxanthin is growing in popularity as nature’s most potent antioxidant, readily absorbable and reasonably priced. Powerful than any other antioxidant on the market, Astaxanthin helps free radicals extremely well, giving it the ability to act as a potent anti-inflammatory, without all the nasty side effects so many anti-inflammatory drugs carry.

Some of Astaxanthin’s well-researched health benefits all stem from controlling free radicals and reducing inflammation. They include but are not limited to:

Improved Eye Sight

Our eyes are exposed to the sun’s UV rays when we are outside. These harmful UV rays cause a build-up of free radicals in our eyes, more so than in other parts of our bodies which is why our eyes are constantly in need of antioxidants.

Reduced Joint Pain

Most chronic joint pain is a result of inflammation and wear and tear. We can’t do much for the wear and tear, but we can help manage inflammation and pain. The inflammation in our joints is what drives the pain. With increased levels of Astaxanthin and antioxidants, inflammation and pain may subside.

Better looking and sun resistant skin

Just like our eyes, our skin is extremely susceptible to damage from the sun’s UV rays. After a certain period, our skin will start to burn, and the inflammation will set in. Astaxanthin can prolong one’s time in the sun, offering more of a free radical resistance from the sun, sometimes doubling burn times. Click here to buy top quality natural Astaxanthin. Moreover, learn more about Astaxanthin here.