My experience in India was great and my encounter with Palace on Wheels is grandness. The lavishness started from the railway station. It was an Indian cultural welcome ceremony as per the representatives who checked our documents. We were assigned a porter and a butler right away. Within a few minutes, we sat in the cabin with our welcome kit.

Living like a king is just a term but, we experienced it within a few seconds inside that cabin. There were expensive paintings and vintage upholstery inside the cabin. There was a few minutes wait before the train started from the station. It was smooth and it just glided away making it easier even for my little son to walk around. We kept our belongings into the safe and comfortable places and headed towards the lounge as directed for a complimentary drink. Kids left to the game room for some card games and we got comfortable at the lounge with our friends.  By late evening, we went to restaurant ‘Maharaja’ for some Rajasthani cuisine. We requested it to be less spicy and we got what we expected.

Rajasthani Cuisine on Palace on Wheels

We were not sure when the Palace on Wheels train reached Jaipur. We were greeted with a newspaper and a hot cup of coffee. We were given a wide choice of magazines and enough time to get ready for the tour. After breakfast at Maharani, we came out of the train just to be welcomed by an array of elephants. We were provided a comfortable vehicle to ride to various sightseeing spots including the palace of Jaipur, Sun observatory and Hawa Mahal. We went on some leisure shopping before getting back to the train. We were too exhausted for any more excitement. We got back to bed after a soothing dinner.


We were informed about a very early excursion, the next day and we were all ready. It was a wonderful excitement to go on a jungle safari. We didn’t spot any tiger but, we found a lot of deers and a panther. We spotted a lot of other animals and birds. After breakfast at Maharaja, we got relaxed with an Ayurvedic spa session while children had fun running around and making new friends.  After lunch, we got down for a small tour around Chittorgarh. We watched a small light and sound show before getting back to train. We were too tired for even dinner and had some light food and went straight to bed.

The next day morning after breakfast, it was the day for Udaipur. We loved the boat ride. We had our lunch at a palace hotel in the middle of the lake. We got back to train by late afternoon. We spent the rest of the day with games, wine and a little shopping at souvenir shops. We loved the mugs and we are still using those.

It was the desert of Jaisalmer for the next day and we expected a very hot place. We enjoy a few sightseeing and lunch at a big hotel. We got back to train for a few hours rest. We spoke to our families back at home with satellite phone. The quality of audio was good. By late evening, we went out for a desert safari and it was the most interesting part of the whole trip. It was pleasant and we clicked a lot of pictures with the camels too. After an interesting cultural performance and dinner at a hotel in Jaisalmer, we got back to train by late night.

Next day, we went to Jodhpur and had some interesting sightseeing and lunch at a boutique hotel. We were more excited for the bird watching session in Bharatpur, next day. We spotted many unique birds.  We then went to Agra for Taj Mahal and a small museum in it. Though we were given time for shopping, we were too tired for the day. We went straight to train and the train took up back to where it started, Delhi, on next day morning. Know more about the booking of Palace on Wheels train.