There are very mixed feelings when it comes to tattoos. There are those, like myself, who consider them to be an art form, something beautiful with which we decorate our bodies, and then there are those who consider them to something wrong and sinful, engraved upon the flesh of our bodies. Very opposite sides of the scale, with some opinions scattered around in the middle.

The impressive thing about the modern time opinion to tattoos however is how many people simply don’t care, tattoos today are selected and purchased with the same nonchalant attitude that we use to buy any other fashion accessory, and that seems to be exactly what tattoos have become for some of us; a fashion accessory. Now there are those who would say that this isn’t a very acceptable way of viewing a permanent image on the body – but even that isn’t true anymore.

So – I’m not going to explain why I think tattoos are good, or why I think they’re bad. I am going to offer my own, honest experience when it comes to tattoos. After all – our individual life experiences is what this blog is all about. As a child I never considered getting a tattoo, like many of the older individuals in my family I considered them to be stupid, lifelong identifiers to help you spot people with no class and no concerns for their future employment. I was still in school, I didn’t know anything about tattoos accept that some of the more popular kids had gotten them illegally and were proud as punch about it.

It wasn’t until I was much older and started to work for myself, as a writer it so happens, that I learned more about the tattoo industry. Everything I thought about tattoos previously now seemed wrong, they were artistic and beautiful, people who had tattoos weren’t criminals and idiots; they were mature, confident, professional colleagues. After a year of working for the company we got a new client – one that supplies tattoo equipment all around the world, it wasn’t just a successful business, it was a successful international business, and as a result I got my first opportunity to see more of the tattoo industry, including studios, artists and conventions.

The thing is – I was never a confident person. Not in school, not in work, not ever, and when it came to relationships the whole idea of a physical relationship with another person seemed terrifying, because there is that part of your mind that remembers your school mates laughing when you took your clothes off in the changing rooms. True – your sexual partner probably isn’t going to laugh at you and say your boobs are small, but can you imagine how traumatising it would be if they did? And that was something I worried about, somewhere way back in my mind I thought my girlfriend might not think I was good enough if she saw me naked.



But that wasn’t the case when I had a tattoo. My first went on my ribs, because it was an easy place to hide and I didn’t want my parents to see (they’re still not fond on tattoos). I couldn’t wait to show my girlfriend once it was healed, I don’t think I had ever pulled off my clothes so fast in the bedroom. Not only did I want her to see it, but I knew that it would attract her attention – something beautiful and colourful that meant she was still looking at me, and still finding beauty in me, even if I had faults. Soon after that I discovered that my girlfriend actually thought tattoos were very erotic (best sex ever, I recommend them for that alone if your partner is into them).

It shouldn’t be any real surprise that after such a fantastic reaction to my first tattoo I wanted more. The desire to turn myself into a beautiful, colourful canvas that I could admire and feel confident in; it was fantastic.


Kate Critchlow is a freelance writer with a growing passion and interest for tattoos, which has produced a number of tattoo articles from becoming a tattoo artist to finding the perfect tattoo for you.