Must-Have Items for Every Beach Lover

You have always loved beaches, but you probably have not been able to find time to visit one lately. So, finally you have made up your mind that you are going on a summer vacation, so that you can have enough time to chill at the beach. That’s a nice one and here’s a digital hi-five to you for finding time to break free. If you have everything already planned out, but you are getting a little stuck about what to bring along to the beach, then Here’s some inspiration on must have items for every beach lover:

1. Beach Bag or Duffel Bags

First of all, you will need a bag to pack all of the essential beach must- have items. It is advisable that you shop for a waterproof Duffel/beach bag so that you don’t panic when the water hits the bag, particularly if you will be packing your gadgets in the same bag. According to the team at, a duffel bag or beach bag will make life easier for you on the beach. The good thing is that there are many Duffel Bags and beach bags on the market you can pick from. By reading reviews of different ones online, you will be able to pick the best for yourself and family.

2. Beach Hat

Whether it is a cap or a wide-brimmed hat, you will definitely need something to protect your eyes and skin from excessive exposure to sun rays. Excessive exposure can cause skin cancer and cataracts and none of this is part of the plan. Remember, what you want to do is enjoy the beach, not get yourself sick, so make sure you pack a nice hat for the beach.

3. Sunglasses

You may think this is not really necessary if you have a hat, but who says you can’t have a hat and sunglasses? They make for double protection against sunlight and ultraviolet radiation. So get yourself some fanciful sunglasses and be ready to dazzle when you set your foot on the beach.

4. Sunscreen

Yeah, you need sunscreen to protect yourself from ultraviolet radiation and damage to your skin because of sunburn. Make sure you go for a sunscreen with an SPF value of 30 to 45. Get them applied to your skin about 15 to 30 minutes before you hit the beach. If you start feeling the heat of the sun, you can reapply. The beach is no fun when the sun is all up on you so get prepared to keep the sun in its place with the sunscreen.

5. A Book

If you are someone who likes reading, you might want to get a book along. This will come in handy when you are lounging at the beach and not in the water. Reading at the beach is always fun, particularly when it is not busy. The serenity of the environment and the noise of the water waves can help increase your capacity to assimilate and enjoy what you are reading.

6. A Cover Up

Normally, when you step out of the water and walk by the beachside, you are expected to have something to cover up your body except you want to put the single brothers in trouble with your beautiful body. You can get yourself some stylish skimpy cover up to cover your body.

7. Swimsuits

Oh, you can’t come to the beach without this. This is like the gate-pass and you are expected to come with a variety anyway. So take your time to check through the thousands of swimsuit designs online and do well to find a couple of designs that fit your body type, you don’t want parts you don’t want to show hanging out.

8. Beach Blanket and Towel

The beach blanket is going to be needed if you intend to sit or lie on the beach comfortably. The towel is for drying your body when you step out of the water. When choosing a towel, go for microfiber ones because of their capacity to absorb water and they are also soft on the skin too.

9. Music

If you forget anything, do not forget to bring your music along. It is one of the topmost must-have for every beach lover. You might want to get yourself an iPod or better still, get some cool headphones for your smartphone. The beach can be noisy at times because of waves and other beach user activities so you will need headphones that have a good noise cancellation. When you are done with water activities and reading, you can cover your face with your hat and plug your ears with some good music.

10. Food and Cooler

It’s always sunny at the beach and you will need some cold drinks and maybe some food too. Make sure you have enough food and beverages with you for your beach trip because by the time you are done, you are going to be starving.

11. First Aid Kit

You must not forget to come along with a first aid kid because people get hurt at the beach. Make sure the first aid kit contains plasters, rolled bandages, safety pins, disposable sterile gloves, painkillers such as paracetamol and aspirin, gauze dressings and alcohol free cleansing wipes.

If you have got the above must haves for every beach lover, then you are ready for your trip to the beach and I can guarantee you will have fun. Do well to also come along with some money, just in case you want to rent a speed boat for maximum enjoyment.

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