If there’s anything second to my love and contribution to music and traveling, then there is my wonderful pet dog, called Beeth who would wag as if to count himself in. And yes, it is well-deserved considering the fact that music keeps me sane and when I’m away, my dog keeps me busy until I get back to lighten myself up with some more music, whether producing it or listening to it for some dose of motivation.

Always keep in mind that your pet deserves indispensable nutrients to stay lively and in good physical shape. But, most of you do a blunder when you start relying on some pets canned, raw or dry dog food and home-cooked materials for their diet whereas the fact is they are not even close to an optimal diet for dogs. Therefore, you just need to ignore these foods at first. Rather keep at least six elements in your mind for their food: minerals, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, fat, and finally, water. You just need to consult an experienced pet instructor and then create a customized diet plan keeping all of these elements in right proportions.

Being pet parents and a traveler is pretty daunting. After all, you have to be very picky, stern and calculative in both of them to reap the most feasible outcomes. Don’t understand me? Well, as for music, the more careful and wildly imaginative you are as an instructor, the better the music. As for being a pet parent, you really have to put in some efforts to make every training session fruitful and every investment (monetary or just investment of time) worth it.

Pets can really give you tough time. They can also give you the time of your life, the happiest I mean. For me, the latter suits more when I talk about Beeth. Okay, by now, I am assuming that you have guessed where my pet’s name comes from! No? Beethoven, the maestro. My pet is my best friend and helps me stay in gear for my profession and passion equally. There could be no better name, I guess.

I also have some high duties for my dog too, and everything demands time and attention. I have to be very patient and closely observant of my pet’s demands and/or needs so I can really prove myself as a good pet parent, next to being a music freak. I have to ensure Beeth’s jog time, feeding pattern, bubbles and baths and combat random illnesses and traumas.


That reminds me about my pet’s slight indigestion problem that comes every week. I tried everything but the vet’s labs said it was the liver’s functionality that might hinder the process. Nah, nothing so serious. I just had to take care of my baby’s liver health with Denamarin, and ta-da! All is set.

We should be thankful for things that keep us running. My Beeth loves me unconditionally, and there is nothing that could let me compensate on showering my love on my sole best friend, my pet. Oh yes, music can – but no because we both enjoy it equally.