Moving across the country is a huge adjustment. When you change climates, conforming to the new area can be difficult for you and the way you care for your new house. You may need to make some adjustments in your home maintenance routine. We will explore four house systems you may care for differently after relocating.

Roof upkeep

In fire-prone areas like cities and states with high wildfire risks, using metal roofs is a good idea because they are fireproof. This option is low maintenance. What happens if you move to an area where extreme cold is common in the winter, or you have a log home or a roof with cedar shake? Hiring reputable and local, residential roofing services can give you the peace of mind there are no serious problems. They will also understand the local area and will be able to make specific suggestions for your roofing depending on the climate.

HVAC health

When you move to a climate drastically different from the one you live in, then it is important to have a healthy HVAC system. Checking the filters and looking for signs of damage like frayed belts and wires is extremely important. An annual HVAC inspection ensures your heating and cooling system does not go out in the dead of winter or the hottest part of the summer. Areas with more extreme weather might call for HVAC systems that are higher quality and stronger throughout your home.


Your new climate may mean using new flowers, bushes, and trees to beautify your yard and patio. A local gardener can give you information about low-maintenance plants and the best types of greenery for your new yard. They can also give you tips about invasive species and the right ways to get rid of the pesky weeds to keep them from coming back. The right plants in your yard may also help keep certain pests in your area at bay. Plants that are native to your new area will allow for easier landscaping maintenance and keep your home looking well kept.


Caring for a swimming pool in Texas differs greatly from maintaining one in Ohio. A pool cover and regular cleaning may be good practice in the south, but cracks and loose tiles are more common in the north. Regular inspections and using a pool contractor to fix any damage can help you extend the life of your swimming pool and keep your yard up to par for entertaining. You may also need to preserve your pool differently during off seasons depending on your new climate.

Moving into a house in a different climate takes a little research and help from local experts. By having conversations with trusted, five-star service providers, you can learn the best ways to keep your house in top shape. Even though you are new to the area, your house can be your haven. Coming home to a safe, clean, and comfortable property in a new city or state is easy with the right information and service providers to help you adjust.