When moving day finally arrives, you want to make sure that the family is ready to go as well as your belongings. It’s best to get up as early as you can to get tasks completed before any moving help gets to the home. This will allow you time to get the small details accomplished with a list that you make so that everything gets done on time.

Overnight Bag

Make an overnight bag with the items that you will need for the first night or two in the new home. It should include the basics, such as towels, washcloths, shampoo, soap and clothing—basically, anything you might need if you end up having to stay in a hotel or staying the night in your new home without having to unpack everything first. It should also include any paperwork, electronics, and other items that you don’t feel comfortable parting with or having out of your sight. The bag is ideal to have if you don’t feel like unpacking all of the boxes in the new home as soon as you get there or if it will take a while to get to your new location.

Call Movers

Whether it’s family and friends or a moving company, such as Bekins Van Lines Inc, you need to call everyone who is scheduled to help you that day in the night before to verify that they are coming and that they will have the necessary equipment and vehicles to get everything from one location to another. Give everyone a list of directions to the new home in case someone wants to stay behind at the old house to make sure it’s cleaned while others get everything settled into the new home.

Cleaning the Background

As you say good-bye to your home, you want to wipe the slate clean for the new owner. This includes cleaning the cabinets, appliances, floors and the walls if it’s needed. After everything is moved from the home, you’ll have a better idea as to what areas of the house you need to clean and what might be satisfactory for leaving for the landlord to take care of in the final cleaning before the house is sold or rented again.

Have Food Prepared

While you’re on the road, you’ll probably get hungry and feel like stopping to eat. If you’re only moving six hours away, then this isn’t too big of a deal. However, if you’re moving long distance—say ten hours or more away—then you should definitely prepare ahead of time. Put together some sandwiches, snack baggies, and drinks and put them in a cooler that will be accessible to everyone on the road. Not only does this make food more convenient for everyone but it will also help you to save money by not having to be completely reliant on fast food. Of course, you may want to make a stop on your way to the new home at a famous food location just to get in some fun touristy attractions on your way and that’s all fun and good, but you probably don’t want to do that every single time someone needs to eat.

Moving to a new home is an adventure. There are several things to get accomplished in the weeks and days leading up to the move, but you also need to get the home ready for moving day. Keep everyone updated on where they need to be, and keep basic supplies close by so that you have them when you get to the new home.

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