Motorcycling is a passion. Ask any biker, you will realize how passionate they are about biking with the way they narrate never ending biking tales. Motorcycling defies age and the hobby is followed by different adult age groups. You may find a group of young bikers every now and then and another one of working executives, usually over the weekends. An early morning motorcycle ride to your favorite coffee shop with friends is a good fun.

  • Motorcycling apart from being a ride is a way of expressing oneself. It is a part of a distinct lifestyle defined by your prized collection of motorcycling accessories. And motorcycle jackets ask for a special mention. Think of a biker and you will recall an image decked up with swanky leather jackets.
  • Motorcycle jackets often termed as Cruiser Jackets have been around since the birth/ invention of motorcycles. A traditional motorcycle jacket or cruiser jacket is a leather jacket that easily tags you or identifies you as a biker. You may find different designs of motorcycle jackets online. These jackets are made up of leather and are usually without any protective gear or armor unlike sports bike jackets as you tend to cruise on relatively lower speeds. However, you may find certain innovative product lines that offer removable protective armor. Though traditional motorcycle jackets made of leather; you may find motorcycle jackets with denim and textile stuff.

Motorcycle jackets market has grown to be a substantial level, both online and as physical stores; motorcycle jackets for men, women. Just go online and you will find so many varieties of these jackets depending on the usage.

Types of Motorcycle Jackets

– Traditional/ Cruiser Jackets –These jackets are leather jackets and do not usually have protective armor.

– Snowmobile Jackets – Although the motorcycle jackets carry sturdy designs; snowmobile jackets are designed to have extra protection layers to help biker sustain real cold weather conditions. They often carry multiple layers of insulation so that you can enjoy cozy rides.

– Sports Bike Jackets –Sports/ Street bike jacket for obvious reasons carry protective armor and padding to protect you in case of any riding mishap. Apart from having protective design feature, sports/ street bike jackets come with aerodynamic designs to let you steer around with ease.

You may order one for yourself online and choose from a range of brands like Alpinestars. Alpinestars riding jacket offers you a durable design, having sturdy protective armor, excellent ventilation with proper reflective detailing, to mention a few of the features.

Apart from Motorcycle Jackets; motorcycle helmets is an important one among biking accessories. Search online and you will find so many companies with motorcycle helmets for sale. However, as it is one of the important protection gears, choose a good quality one.

Types of Motorcycle Helmets

  • Full Face – It is of a generic type that covers top, front and back of your head. Ensures complete protection as a safety headgear.
  • Modular Helmets – Also known as Flip-up; More like a full face helmet except the chin bar that flips up and can also be removed. You may find these modular helmets worn by sports/ adventure bikers. For obvious reasons, modular helmets are not that much safer Vis a Vis full face helmets as the hinge that allows chin bar to flip up upon impact may prove to be a weak link.
  • Open Face Helmet – Provides same level of structural safety as full face helmet except to the face. An open face helmet covers your back, sides and top of your head except your face. A vintage type, it may allow an airy ride but in bad weather (rains or dust storms) you may literally struggle to ride the motorcycle.
  • Half Helmets – These helmets often termed as Brain Buckets cover your only part of your head from forehead to the half of the back of your head. Another vintage design, but lacks approval of transport and traffic authority. As half helmets do not serve the real purpose of wearing a helmet, the safety, you may be handed a ticket for traffic rule violation.
  • Off Road / Motocross Helmets – These helmets offer safety with lesser body weight and good ventilation. Designed especially for off road/ dirt biking; you may not be able to use it on street or highway ride as lesser soundproofing can make wind and traffic noise unbearable.
  • Dual Sport or Hybrid Helmets – With aerodynamic design, a built-in visor, a truncated chin bar with good ventilation and soundproofing, these crossover helmets can be real good thing to wear.