Have you ever imagined what life would look like in a desert? Traveling by means of the camels, staying in the Bedouin camps, and gazing at the skyline. The wilderness of the dunes is far way beyond our imagination and unleashes upon us only by witnessing it. Well, if you want to explore Dubai, the first suggestion would be to visit its majestic dunes. Desert safari in Dubai offers a golden patch on earth that is brimming with vivid colors of hospitality. Spend a morning here and that will be your best morning ever. Let’s take a look into what bliss a morning tour to the dunes of Dubai brings along. 

Why Travelers Love a Morning Desert Safari in Dubai?

1. Pickup Before the Dawn

A standard morning safari begins with a pick-up before sunrise. The guests of the desert are picked up in a 4×4 car that is driven by skilled personnel who are licensed for off-roading. It’ll take 30 to 40 minutes to reach the dunes from Dubai city. You’ll find yourself stunned by the breathtaking views of the sunrise if you reach there before it. And that’s the ultimate reason for an early pickup.

2. Sightseeing With the Rising Sun 

Catch the flying birds, hot air balloons, and the exquisite aurora of the sunrise standing at one plain. A morning safari to the dunes of Dubai is known for its exceptionally beautiful views. The landscape is picturesque from the stillness of high dunes to the floating hot air balloons. Soak up in the chilling breezes of the barren and stay high in gratitude. The spellbound views & peaceful ambiance of the golden Arabian dunes tend to make you fall in love with the morning glory of the dunes.

3. Enticing Dune Activities 

The dune arena of Dubai is popular for its enthralling sand sports. There are many exhilarating activities going on the golden plains. These include dune bashing, quad biking, sand skiing, fat bicycling, even horse and camel rides. 

Dune bashing is a super amusing sand activity in which you are accompanied by a skilled driver along with your squad. Hummer is a famous 4×4 terrain vehicle that takes you like a roller coaster over the crests and troughs of the high dunes. 

Then there is quad biking which is a favourite sand sport of madcaps. Surf the unparallel sand ripples by using a wooden sand board and beat your friends. The amusing camel ride takes you on a wondrous journey to the ancient times when the Arabs used to live as nomads. All these frisky amusements are seen in the golden arena of the desert safari. 

5. Nomadic Resting Rooms

An adventurous trip is incomplete without pegging a tent when you have an amazing ground for camping. A morning desert safari offers you a fun-filled camping experience. You have an opportunity to experience the nomadic lifestyle of old Arabs. The still dunes look spectacular right from the campsite. Whether you pitch a camp of your own or higher a private Bedouin camp for your family. Living in the traditional caravansaries is a delightful experience. 

6. Refreshing Breakfast and Drinks

You’ll never get tired of the crazy sand sports because the hosts of the terrain have something to recharge you. Get refreshed with thirst-quenching drinkables. These include fruit cocktails, soft drinks, fresh juices, and free access to mineral water. Luscious morning breakfast is served along with the popular Arabian coffee with a perfect combination of dates. You can also have multiple refills of tea. Consume delicious bites of the Arabian breakfast while talking to the charming barrenness of the desert safari.

7. Amazing Landscape for Photographers

Your lenses would expand with some unusual amazement upon unlocking the exclusive beauty of the Arabian dunes. It’s heaven for camera freaks and professional photographers as they have a chance to capture the true colours of Arabia. Click the best shots of your career upon spotting the rare flora and fauna of a marshy habitat. You’ll see the hopping gazelles, desert leopards, eagle owls, sand cats, hyenas, and wild foxes. Take silhouettes of the camels when the sun is just born. When the dunes take colours of the sun, it’s the perfect time to capture this picturesque landscape. Also, you can capture Arabian customs. Like henna tattoos, the natives in Kandura dresses, and the majestic falcons while their swooping stunts in the sand.

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Whenever you visit a desert safari, you’ll find it submerged in the silent occult of nature. However, its visitors contribute to the flickering colours of this natural asset of the whole UAE. Give one morning of your life meditating on this giant golden matt and you’ll find yourself alive and kicking. That’s the promise of a new dawn of the desert safari!