Almost everyone could use some extra cash from time to time. While you may enjoy access to extra money, you may not want to commit to a second job with regular work hours. After all, you still want to enjoy free time on your own or with your friends and family. Whether you need extra money to pay off your credit cards, to invest or to address other financial needs and wants, there are some creative money-making ideas that you can easily do on the side to generate more income.

Sell Your Gold

If you are like most people, you have at least a few gold pieces in your possession that you no longer need or want. For example, you may have an old engagement ring from a relationship that turned sour before the big day arrived. Some people even have gold dental scrap in their mouth that could be worth a small fortune. If you have extra gold on hand, reach out to a gold buyer in your area. You may be surprised how much money you are sitting on.

Get Money for Used Electronics

Just as old jewelry and other gold items are worth cold, hard cash, the same may hold true for your old electronics. Some of your electronics may be old enough that they are true collectors’ items. Even more recent merchandise may be worth money as well. For example, you can sell your old smartphone, tablet or even computer online to an electronics buyer for a profit. You can easily search for a buyer through the Internet, and you can compare offers to find the best deal for your items.

Be a Mystery Shopper

If you are looking for a fun way to spend your free time without committing to dedicated work hours, a smart idea is to register to be a mystery shopper. Mystery shopping is a real gig, but there are some scams out there. Take time to research the legitimate mystery shopping companies before you sign up to work with any of them. Then, you can pick and choose which assignments you want to complete based on your availability and interests. You could work for hours some weeks, and you could take the next few weeks off entirely. There is no pressure to take on assignments with this type of second job.

Sell Photos Online

If you love to take photos and have a special knack for creating impressive images, you could sell rights to your photos online. Many people use these photos for marketing content, website design and more. Some smartphones have excellent image capabilities, so you may not even need to invest in a professional camera to make money as a photographer on the side.

Trade in Your Clothes

Some people have a closet full of brand name clothes that they rarely or never wear anymore. You could donate the items to charity for a tax deduction, but a better idea may be turn your brand name clothing into cash. Many consignment stores offer a modest amount of money for each item that you sell to them. While they may not accept every item that you bring to them, you can shop your pieces around to different consignment stores to sell more of them for cash.

As you can see, there are creative ways that you can easily turn your unused items, your extra time or even your talents into cash. You can never have too much money in your bank account, and you can see that there are simple ways to raise money that you may have not yet considered. Try a few of these money-making ideas soon to see how much they can make for you.