There are many Micro Bikini styles and cuts to choose from. A micro bikini is a type of swimsuit that hugs your body close to the body. The cut is more delicate and smooth for a less obvious appearance. These styles run the gamut from a micro triangle to the ruched triangle, but they can be combined with many different swimsuits for a variety of looks. Here are five Micro Bikini cuts:

Best Swimsuit

Triangle micro bikinis have the triangle silhouette we all love. Triangle Micro Bikinis is available in short, medium, and long lengths. The Triangle Micro Bikini is great for women with athletic builds as well as women who just want a stylish, sexy swimsuit. Triangle Micro Bikinis looks great on any girl. Choose the perfect color to compliment your skin tone!

Tight OR Lose Swimsuits

Micro mini. The mini bikini is one of the sexiest you will see. The name micro bikini comes from the fact that the bodice and panties are one inch from the top of the swimsuit top to the bottom. The skirts are tight, fitting tightly over the hips and then fading to one inch below the bikini line. The skirt is styled in a triangle to provide a sexy silhouette against your body. A micro bikini with a skirt is great if you don’t want to show much skin or if it is a one piece swimsuit and you don’t want it to show.

Natural Waistline

The ruched micro. The ruched micro bikini bottom has a natural waistline. This shape is also flattering because it draws the eye down instead of appearing as a V shape. Ruched micros look great under t-shirts, tank tops, and even shorts.

Triangle Shaped

Box micro. If you are looking for a micro bikini with only one side showing, the Box Micro is the one for you. The swimsuit is a triangle shaped piece of clothing that tapers at the bottom but has two sections of fabric that run the full length of the bathing suit.

Different Designs In Swimwears

Flower micro. The flower micro is one of the sexiest swimming suits on the market today. The floral prints on these bottoms resemble a pretty flower petals blossom. The flower print has small colored dots that resemble little pebbles. These little beads float freely on the smooth surface of the micro bikini bottom.

Pearls. Nothing compares to a pretty, shiny pearl! These pearls add sparkle and shine to any swimsuit. Pearls are also very comfortable and because of the many different types of pearls, they can fit into just about any size and fashion range. Even if you just have small or medium breasts, there is a pair of pearls that will compliment them perfectly.

Styles of Bikinis

There are many different styles of micro bikinis that you can choose from. All of them offer some great looks and coverage. You want to find one that not only covers your bottom but makes you feel great when you’re wearing it. Check out a micro bikini today and get ready for an unforgettable day. Make sure you pick one that you will love and won’t have to worry about anyone finding out.

If you are someone who loves the feel of a micro, then make sure that you choose a color that will work well with the bottoms. Choose colors such as white, black, red, cream, and even green in order to make a great combination. You can wear anything that you like underneath the bottoms, but be sure that it compliments your skin tone and the outfit that you have picked out.

If you don’t like having visible bottoms, then a micro would be a great choice. Micro bikinis cover just the top of your torso and are great because they expose your body. You can wear string or ruffles under your arms or around your neck. You can wear sexy underwear that exposes your body and still look attractive.

Stylish Look

No matter which style or design you choose, you are going to look great when you wear a micro. They are made of thin plastic, so they are not constricting, but instead allow air to circulate. This means that you won’t feel as claustrophobic as you would if your top was constricting. You also won’t have as much support for your breasts, but this can easily be taken care of by buying a good bra. There are many different types of bras that you can use to ensure that you get the perfect fit every time.


If you are someone who likes to change up their look, then a micro would be a great choice. These come in a variety of different designs and colors, making them easy to pick out each time. As long as you pick one that is a good fit and flatters your body, you won’t go wrong. You can look as sexy as you want to when you wear a micro, so take a chance on one today!