Metal pressing is one of the commonest metal fabrication techniques and it involves cutting the metal or various metal alloys and shaping them in specific forms. Metals thus pressed commonly include metals like steel, nickel, aluminium, zinc and titanium and their alloys. When done by the right metal fabricators metal pressing can be one of the most cost-efficient metal fabrication processes and can lead to large-scale production of numerous metal products as and when required. Metal pressing is thus a very useful process for those dealing in metal products especially the OEMs (original equipment manufacturer).

How is metal pressing done?

In this metal fabrication process, metal sheets are kept in a specialized pressing tool commonly known as a die by metal fabricators, which contains a specifically designed cavity which imparts the required shape to placed metal sheets. The upper side of the die remains connected to a pressing slide whereas the lower part remains attached to a pressing bed. A distinguished component commonly called “the punch” presses the metallic sheet through a designated die and thus the metal fabrication or shaping process is achieved. Once the metal sheets are pressed to desired shapes they are generally plated with anti-corrosion metals to increase the durability of the end product.

Some Key points to consider before selecting metal fabricators for metal pressing:

Choosing the correct metal fabricator can seem a little too overwhelming as there are endless choices for an equipment manufacturer. But choosing the right people becomes crucial as this can be a very important decision for a product manufacturer. One must choose fabricators who offer the best possible services at most cost-effective rates. Metal pressing is a multidimensional method and hence finding the right people for the job may seem challenging. It is, for this reason, one must keep few very important factors in mind before choosing metal fabrication service providers for their company and these points are as follows:

  1. Gain full technical knowledge about the capabilities of the metal fabricators:

The metal pressing capability of your fabricators must be judged first. Their usefulness is as good as their capabilities. Do not mind asking questions to your fabricators before you assign tasks to them. Understand the technical capabilities of your fabricators, to begin with.

  1. Check if they provide quality services at cost-effective quotes:

Quality of work should be given the first preference. A high-quality work can make you stand apart in the crowd of hundreds. Make sure your metal fabricators are providing you with high-quality work that will provide your metal product with desired finish. The cost-effectiveness is also an important point to consider. Make sure the services are on par with the amount of money you are being charged for it. Any good fabricator will provide you with a quotation for their work.



  1. Check if their competency of work is in accord with your individual projects:

Many metal pressing professionals can offer you what you require but not all will have the zeal to perform your specific task. Hence look beyond what is on the table and find out a fabricator who is ready to perform your specific task. Select someone or some people who understand the exact requirements of your work.

If you keep these few points in mind selecting the right metal fabricators will not be any problem to you. But whoever you sign up with make sure you have done enough research about them or they come from a reliable source. Metal pressing is an expert’s job and with the right people working with you, this process can deliver you with excellent desired results.