Men’s jogger pants and men’s pajamas are the two essential and most important lower body attire found in the men’s’ wardrobe. The comfort that a man finds in wearing them is beyond words and expression. The phenomenal world of men’s joggers is very massive and these joggers are now considered as a garment that is used in various situations and areas. The role of joggers and pajamas has now become even more important during these times of pandemic when you are almost under house arrest for the past few months with no jobs and not going out elsewhere.

Our traditional trousers and are now comfortable at home wearing the joggers and pajamas.

But this was not so a few months back. Joggers were used in a variety of areas before the lock down. Men who are health-conscious use these joggers during their fitness regimes. The morning walkers also wear them to keep themselves fit when they follow their daily routine. Even today when go out for morning walks in Parks like Nehru Garden in Delhi, we’ll come across many fitness freaks braving the cold climate of Delhi, jogging on the tracks wearing the joggers. One can also see some amateurs outside the premises of the Nehru stadium practicing cricket for their respective clubs wearing track pants and joggers with a T-shirt on top.

Mens jogger pants are also worn by our national teams of various sports and games. You can witness the players from the national contingent representing various sports donning these lower pants. The national teams of cricket for both men and women wear light blue track pants depicting the national flag and team India on their sporting gear. Both men and women of the Indian cricket and hockey contingent wear the light blue attire when they represent India and wear navy blue jogger pants during their practice sessions. Some players representing games like table tennis also wear them while playing for their country and club respectively. Hats off to these players f   r bringing glory to our nation!.

I had the opportunity to meet a gentleman who had conquered Mt. Everest many times and according to him, a pair of good jogger pants can help you while exploring the unknown terrains and also when you are trekking on mountainous rugged regions. These joggers can really keep us warm on areas of high altitudes. Importantly they act as wind and snow resistant too. At night when it is freezing cold with temperatures in minus degrees, these joggers work as night suits too, and definitely they block the harsh winter winds hitting us.

Men’s pajamas on the other hand are worn during nighttime when we look for comfortable lower body dress. These pajamas or the lowers ones are made from soft cotton, Khadi, and fleece. The khadi pajamas are famous for the fabric which is sturdy and with every wash becomes softer and cozy to wear. Men in India wear pajamas with Kurta which is an upper-body dress. These Kurtas are available in malls and stores but the best ones are offered at the Khadi Gram Udyog with good discounts. One can count on getting a great kurta and pajama set from the Khadi Gram Udyog at a very competitive price which doesn’t hurt our pockets.

During Christmas and New Year, the most brands offer great discounts on both Men’s jogger pants and mens pyjamas. West Side a great brand, has a variety of these stuff for men available in their stores. Men’s pyjamas need a special mention here. These pajamas are also made from material like fleece that makes them very comfortable nightwear for men. The fabric is so soft that it leaves no place for irritation on your body. These pajamas made from fleece are light weighted and comfortable. They are very soft and easily manageable. They can be washed whenever they are dirty and dry up at the earliest. These days men are not hesitant to wear their pajamas when they go out. Initially, it was worn at night and strictly for indoors only.