Living in a world where we could stick to neutrals all the time would definitely feel like we are living the ideal life. After all, you can never go wrong with neutral colors. Having said that, however, colors bring out a whole new dimension altogether. There’s no denying that adding color to your ensemble helps you complete your look. Pairing matching hues together brings with it a certain kind of charm and works to take your appearance up a notch. Here is how you can style yourself in tones that help take your style game to an all new level.

Matching Clothes with Navy Colored Hues-

Try to stay away from black as much as you can when wearing navy colored clothes. It exudes an excessively dark appearance and mostly leaves you looking like a vampire. Stick to beige or white colored tones instead to give your outfit a classic and clean vibe. For that added zing, pair your navy colored shade with a soft pink hue. For winning combinations, blend this color with shades of maroon, light blue or even red. Even graphic t-shirts that come with minimal designs work well with navy blue bottoms. The trick lies in never shying away from experimentation.

Mixing Brown Colored Hues-

You need to keep the shade of brown in mind before putting an attire together. Dark hues of brown blend seamlessly with neutral colors such as white. You can also pick rich shades for these hues such as deep green, burgundy, black and navy. Light brown tones, such as camel and tan on the other hand, work well with cream, light blue, white and other light shades.

Blending your Ensemble to Suit Red Clothes-

Red is undoubtedly a dramatic color so your only alternative involves making certain that you balance it well with neutral hues. For a fresh look, go in for hues of white or pick black colored clothes for a simple yet edgy look. For a look that is more pleasing to the eyes, team red hues with navy blue.

Hues That Unify with Pink Clothes-

Pink is a color that is usually avoided by men. Not because it is not a favorable color to wear but because it is a difficult one to style. Refrain from going in for darker hues as they are not always adaptable with various ensembles. Pick designer t-shirts or even crisp shirts that come in a light pink hue. Pair this with a grey bottom. Alternatively, you can also try trousers in beige, white, blue or tan. For a distinct look, team your pink hue with a black, dark grey or navy shade as well.

Finding Colors that Merge with Beige Hues-

Beige looks the best with light hues owing to the fact that it is intrinsically a soft shade. Pair it with tan, blue or white hues for a smart and stylish look. Beige can be a challenging shade to pull off, particularly when it comes with yellow based undertones. If you do happen to wear a hue that comes with yellow tinges to it, team it up with navy, maroon, brown or other rich shades.

As long as you strike a comfortable balance between the colors you wear, you can never go wrong with any look. Do not mix too many colors together. At the most, combine two or three colors for a subtle yet classic look. Avoid clashes by mixing bold colors with neutral hues. Keep these points in mind when styling your ensemble for either a casual or formal occasion, and you can rest assured that you won’t look like a Christmas decoration.