When it comes to style and perfection, there is surely no match for men’s desert boots. As they are versatile and fashionable, you can wear them with all types of everyday dressing. Desert boots are streamlined, light weight and multifunctional which makes them the top selling item at online stores such as theidleman.com. Unlike other men’s shoes, the desert boots are constructed with efficacy and simplicity to match with trousers or jeans of any color. Along with the styling benefits, these boots are extremely comfortable and long lasting.

What are desert boots made of?

To make desert boots tough and durable, a combination of veal leather and velvet is used during the manufacturing procedure. Desert boots are available in all kinds of leathers and colors so that customers can select the best suitable item without any hassle. Although these boots are designed to last for years, but they can be damaged when used in rain or regular brushing. Introduced in thick rubber and dainite studded rubber soles, men can surely find to better match in terms of comfort and durability.

Types of Soles

Desert boots are launched in multiple types of soles and construction materials. Depending upon your style and comfort requirements, selecting the best product is certainly not a hassle. Conventionally, treated leather soles are being used to craft the desert boots are they are tough and comfortable. With enhanced agility and fineness, the boots featuring treated leather soles are designed to last for years.

Moreover, the boots are also available in soles made out of rubber and dainite which are best suitable for everyday usage. Because they are resistant and supple, you can achieve the best comfort level by purchasing the perfect fit.

Here are some of the top selling products at The Idle Man:

CLARKS ORIGINALS Suede Desert Boot Black

Clarks has introduced the authentic desert boots which are crafted out of a soft suede material. The Suede Desert Boot Black is a versatile yet attractive product which now features exposed stitching technology. Featuring the signature Clarks tag, these desert boots can be used on all sorts of formal and casual dressings. Available in dark black color, the product is surely made to deliver matchless comfort and grip.

RED WING Heritage Work Chukka Leather Tan

The Chukka Leather Tan Shoes are the ideal choice for men who are preparing their casual attire. Launched in bright red color with decent white sole, these desert shoes are made out of full grain leather upper for better warmth and comfort. Featuring Goodyear welt construction along with polyurethane outsole, the boots are absolutely water proof and long lasting.

YOGI Lucas Vibram Suede Moccasin Chukka Tan

Another foremost men’s desert boots to select from, the YOGI Lucas Vibram Suede Moccasin Chukka Tan are a great match for all trousers and jeans. Featuring Vibram sole along with brushed suede chukka, the desert boots deliver matchless comfort, warmth and durability. Available in all different sizes, finding the perfect fit will surely not be a problem.


Desert boots are considered as the best choice to complete your everyday dressing. As they are made out of high quality rubber sole and leather upper lining, the boots surely deliver matchless comfort and durability. With a wide range and types of desert boots to select from, men having different style statements can purchase the best suitable product without any hassle. Desert boots deliver ultimate grip, warmth and protection as they are now feature advanced stitching technology. So, if you are excited to follow the latest fashion trends, desert boots are the foremost item to be selected.